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5 on Your Side: What do those Valentine's roses REALLY say?

Posted February 3, 2011 3:37 p.m. EST

You've got a little more than a week to come up with something special for that special someone on Valentine's Day!

Tonight a 5, we'll have a box chocolate taste off! Wait until you see how beautiful some of the chocolates are! Some are expensive, but several are very reasonably priced. But roses are probably the most popular Valentine's day gift!

Most people send RED ones since they're a traditional symbol of love and romance! They simply say I LOVE YOU! So what if you choose a different rose color? What message will you send? Here's the breakdown according to floral experts!


LILAC means the sender fell in love at first sight and is enchanted with the recipient!

ORANGE is definitely a color worth considering! It shows PASSION and DESIRE!

WHITE is ideal if you want to send a Valentine message of a new beginning in your relationship! White is also a symbol of honor, which is why white roses are so often used at weddings!

If your relationship is new, PINK roses say "you're FUN" and "you make me HAPPY!"

You could also send YELLOW roses which express true friendship, but be careful in case the recipient was expecting more of a red rose message!


If you want to send a DUAL message-- WHITE AND YELLOW together say harmony. WHITE AND RED indicate harmony and bonding! RED AND YELLOW send a message of happiness and celebration!

If you plan to propose on this Valentine's Day, ENTWINE two roses which means an engagement or MARRIAGE is imminent.

Unless you want to say to your significant other-- "I feel bad that you're stuck with me," don't send PEACH colored roses. They express SYMPATHY.

And if you don't want to be stuck with your significant other any more-- send DEAD ROSES, which mean IT'S OVER! To make sure that message is really clear, maybe even send them the day AFTER Valentine's Day!

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