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5 On Your Side gets refund for bride whose caterer went AWOL

Lisa and Derek Pierce sought help to get a refund after the caterer they hired for their wedding stopped responding to messages.

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CLAYTON, N.C. — Baked chicken, salmon and glazed carrots were just part of the spread served by the caterer at Lisa and Derek Pierce’s April wedding.

"She did an amazing job I must say," Lisa Pierce told 5 On Your Side as she swiped through wedding photos on her iPad.

But that wasn't the caterer Lisa Pierce initially wanted for the job.

A year before her wedding, Pierce hired Christian Gladney, owner of "I Cook on the Go." She paid 50 percent, $1,415, up front.

“He was very responsive in the beginning, and then when it came to the November/December time frame, you couldn't get in touch with him at all," she said.

Tastings were scheduled. Pierce says Gladney didn't show. "You’d text him, you'd call him, and he just wouldn't respond," she said.

By February, with her wedding just two months away, Pierce emailed Gladney telling him since he wasn’t corresponding, she would have to go with another caterer. She told him to let her know how she could get a refund.

Almost five months later, Pierce said, "I still haven't heard anything back from him since then." She said that $1,415 is “way more money than I'm willing to let him have."

Pierce complained to the Better Business Bureau, but she did not get a response from Gladney.

So she reached out to 5 On Your Side with a message for him.

“All I'm asking for is to give me back my deposit," she said. "I gave it to you in good faith, and I think that you should turn around and do the same thing and give me back my money.”

5 On Your Side called Gladney at his new restaurant, Bernie's Southern Gourmet Buffet, in Clayton. He said Pierce canceled her catering request "outside of the allotted time period." After some back and forth, Gladney sent Pierce a check for $1,415.

Pierce said she is relieved to finally get a refund and ready to move on!