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4 arrested after cupcakes tainted with bodily fluids brought to school

Posted May 15, 2018 1:00 p.m. EDT

— Police have charged four juveniles linked to the case of tainted cupcakes having been brought to the Gilbert School in Winchester last year.

On Monday, police said they arrested two males and two females who are connected to the case.

Last June, police said they were investigating after it was believed cupcakes brought to school were tainted with bodily fluids.

In a past interview, a then-senior told Channel 3 that two batches of cupcakes were served to a few students before the opening bell.

That student said word spread that one of the batches was tainted and students and a teacher were targeted to be the recipients.

"They were made for certain kids and they were given on a day where they were handing out and certain people got certain ones," said Kelsey Owens, the former student.

The cupcakes were taken to the state lab to be tested.

"The kids they didn't like got the ones with dashes through the '7' so they knew those were the tainted ones," Owens said.

Police said they did not believe that the substance reported to have been introduced into the batter and/or frosting was toxic or poisonous.

They also said no students or staff reported becoming ill as a result of eating the cupcakes.

On Monday, police said they arrested four juveniles, who turned themselves into the police department after learning about active arrest warrants.

They were charged with fourth-degree conspiracy to commit sexual assault, fourth-degree sexual assault, and second-degree breach of peace.

Their names are not being released due to their age at the time of the incident.

Police said the case was presented to authorities "after an extensive forensic examination of the "cupcake" and DNA comparisons of the suspect juveniles."