26 down, 189 to go

Gov. Bev Perdue's office has announced she signed an additional 26 bills Thursday afternoon, leaving 189 to go before 11:59 p.m. next Thursday.

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Perdue on vetoes
Laura Leslie
Gov. Bev Perdue's office just announced she signed an additional 26 bills Thursday afternoon, leaving 189 to go before 11:59 p.m. next Thursday. (UPDATE: the NCGA website hasn't quite caught up with the gov - looks like it's closer to 155.)

None was particularly contentious, though at least one – House Bill 12, Stop Meth Labs – had gotten some attention.

Here's the list from the latest release:

HB 12: Stop Meth Labs increases regulation of the sale of pseudoephedrine products to curtail the production of methamphetamines and establishes a study to find ways to mitigate the costs of cleaning up meth labs.
SB 125: Regional Schools allows school boards to establish regional schools with other school districts.
HB 209: Amend Solid Waste Financial Assurance Requirements authorizes the use of a corporate financial test to cover the cost for closing and maintaining a solid waste facility.
SB 214: Transportation Map Corridors/Condemnation streamlines the process for studying the purchase of property for transportation corridors.
HB 271: Probation Officer/No Concealed Carry Required allows probation officers to carry a concealed weapon while off-duty.
HB 311: Household Goods Carriers/ID Markings requires motor carriers transporting household goods within this state to display proper identification on the vehicle.
SB 311: Pretrial Release Violation/Arrest allows law enforcement to use warrantless arrest of individuals who violate pretrial release conditions.
HB 312: Register of Deeds streamlines the process for registering and obtaining documents from the register of deeds.
HB 379: Uniform Depositions and Discovery Act establishes procedures for the courts to handle subpoenas from other states.
SB 394: Clarify Process/Reportable Offenses in School requires school principals to report certain acts to law enforcement if they reasonably believe or know of an incident that occurred on school property.
HB 397: DHHS Penalties and Remedies Revision clarifies new classes of penalties for adult care homes, nursing homes, and mental health providers.
HB 408: Amend Criminal Discovery Laws strengthens North Carolina’s open-file discovery law, grants more protection to Crime Stoppers informants, and protects prosecutors against frivolous claims of professional misconduct.
SB 499: Clarify Agriculture Development/Preservation in Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services clarifies the duty of the Department of Agriculture in administering the Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Act.
SB 533: Individually Metered Units/Tenant Charged allows landlords to encourage electricity conservation and to establish guidelines for how landlords can charge tenants for electricity consumption
HB 594: Functionally Equivalent Wastewater Systems allows the Commission for Public Health to determine if a wastewater system is functionally equivalent to an already approved system.
SB 603: Pesticide Registration Paper Reduction eliminates the requirement to submit a material safety data sheet to the North Carolina Pesticide Board in connection with the registration of a pesticide.
HB 618: Streamline Oversight/Department of Health and Human Services Service Providers
HB 629: Substance Abuse Treatment authorizes screening and assessing for chemical dependency for defendants required to seek court-ordered residential treatment. The act also allows a judge to mandate medical or psychiatric treatment for substance abuse.
HB 641: Certificate of Relief Act allows an individual convicted of less serious crimes to seek a Certificate of Relief from a judge. The Certificate of Relief is designed to relieve limitations to certain types of employment and housing.
SB 676: Clarify Water and Well Rights/Private Property clarifies landowner’s rights over water on their property and the construction of wells on their property.
SB 708: Building Code Rules/Effective Dates
HB 750: Stormwater Best Management Responsibility/Association requires the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to transfer a permit for a stormwater management system to a homeowners association if the organization requests the permit.
HB 765: Study Length of School Year establishes a commission to explore changing the length of the school year
HB 808: Revise Laws on Adult Care Homes allows the Department of Health and Human Services to waive an annual inspection of an adult care home if the home receives the highest inspection rating possible two consecutive years.
HB 822: Dropout Recovery Pilot Program establishes a three-year program in New Hanover County and three other school systems that is designed to reengage high school dropouts and increase graduation rates.
HB 895: Butner Fire & Police District Modifications splits the cost of the Butner emergency services system between the state and the Town of Butner.

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