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26 Dogs Removed From Bethel Heights Home

Posted September 28, 2017 11:00 a.m. EDT

— The Bethel Heights Police Department responded to a welfare check on an elderly woman on Tuesday (Sept. 26).

When they went inside her house they found 26 yorkies and the woman voluntarily let them take the dogs because she knew she could no longer take care of them.

Bethel Heights Animal Control took those almost 30 yorkies to Springdale Animal Hospital for wellness exams.

"When the initially called they said it would be around 15 or so which we thought was a lot to begin with and then they showed up with what they said was 20 and a few more came in on the end," Dr. Randall Betts said.

Owner of Springdale Animal Hospital Dr. Randall Betts said the biggest issues with the dogs were skin related. They were all covered in fleas and their hair was matted.

"This hair gets long and forms into hard mats and clumps and especially in a situation like that, none of these dogs were going outside. So they were all going to the bathroom in the house," he said.

Betts said the dogs were skinny but not malnourished, and all but three of the yorkies have been released from the clinic. Two have small cuts and one is acting weak and showing signs of neurological damage.

'"None of the yorkies showed any signs of being abused or anything like that, mainly just neglect. They are all very skittish, had zero to any socialization contact with people."

All the dogs are being taken to a local rescue, but we do not know which one. The Bethel Heights Animal Control Officer said he was told by the mayor they could not release that information.

Bethel Heights Police Department said no charges will be filed in this case. They also said there is no city ordinance that pertains to the number of animals a person can have.