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24 horses killed in fire honored during memorial service

Posted January 8, 2018 10:41 a.m. EST

— There was a tearful memorial celebration in Simsbury for the 24 horses who died in a barn fire at Folly Farm now more than a week ago.

It was a large turnout on Sunday, of children, parents and supporters of Folly Farm at Hop Meadow Country Club.

The people who knew and loved the horses explained why they were often referred to as their teachers.

The owner of Folly Farm says their horse shoes were welded into the shape of the sun.

"We knew that we wanted to save a piece of the horses that we could display for everyone knowing right away how many lives they had touched," said Alison Patricelli, of Folly Farm.

The horses were described as humble, gentle giants. All 24 of the horse's pictures were on display, including a horse Cody, known as lucky charm.

"I missed Cody a lot. He was a very good horse and he had a slow cantor he was the best horse to start on for cantering," said Naiya Sabbagh.

The horses died on Dec. 28 in a barn fire.

The chief says the cause of death was smoke inhalation.

It was a tearful goodbye to the wonderful companions the horses had become, to many families at Folly Farm.

"It's about honoring the joy the patience so many people said it the kindness what they've taught us through our lives for me what they're still teaching me every day," Patricelli said.