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23 civilians honored for their acts of heroism; including 3 good Samaritans from Mapunapuna plane crash

Posted November 10, 2017 12:43 p.m. EST

— The Honolulu Fire Department honored 23 civilians Thursday for their acts of heroism.

A Certificate of Commendation was presented to those who put their own lives at risk by performing exceptional acts of service or bravery.

"Folks here stepped up without any notice. They woke up that morning not knowing what they are going to face and they just stepped up for the community and their fellow man and did what they had to do," Manuel Neves, Honolulu Fire Chief said.

Doing what they had to do were awardees Mackenzie Young, Jason Wessel and Harley Bone.

They jumped into action when a small plane crash landed near Moanalua Freeway in Mapunapuna on June 30 and helped get the three passengers out of the planes safely.

"I kept telling them, the plane is on fire, we got to get you out. I kept repeating that because they were in shock. It just didn't sink in yet and I was like ok, started pulling you guys out, cuz if you don't help yourself, I'm gonna have to get you out," Bone said.

Young described the situation like a movie.

"I mean you don't picture you being in that situation but when it happens, you just react to it and you would hope that if you're in danger, you would hope someone would do the same," Young said.

The men's quick thinking and brave action helped save lives. The plane's passengers were hospitalized with serious injuries but all survived.

"If you see something and you are physically capable of helping and mental capable of helping, please help," Bone said.

"It's very enlightening for the department," Neves said.