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2018 home design trends

What design trends are slated for the most au courant homes in the new year? New Homes & Ideas rolled up its collective sleeves to research this question and quiz area experts to compile the following list. Read on to get the skinny on what's expected, and think about how you might incorporate some of this 2018 chic in your own home.

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Rebecca R. Newsome, writer for New Homes
What design trends are slated for the most au courant homes in the new year? New Homes & Ideas rolled up its collective sleeves to research this question and quiz area experts to compile the following list. Read on to get the skinny on what’s expected, and think about how you might incorporate some of this 2018 chic in your own home.
1. Living color throughout the house

Neutrals are stepping aside as rich colors are allowing furnishings and décor to shine in sophisticated color settings. Although white will most likely always be a classic for kitchens, the heart of the home will benefit in 2018 with more color, not only by emoting a warmer, more welcoming vibe, but by also making food and cooking stains less noticeable. Light colored cabinets are giving way to warm wood tones such as mahogany.

“At Drees Homes we strive to stay ahead of upcoming trends and offer our homebuyers a taste of what’s new and exciting,” says Sr. Design Consultant Lou Ann Zimmerman of Drees Homes. “Cabinets in warm colors are leading the way in ‘cozying’ up a room. Vibrant warm tones. Wall paper in tonal patterns is also making a comeback. The setting overall is cozy with even accent colors, although vibrant and dramatic, also having warm undertones.”

“We’ll see bolder colors and lots of textures in the new year,” Heather Martin, Design Studio Manager for Fielding Homes concurs. “I predict wallpaper to play a huge role by adding patterns and colors in accented areas, with lots of wood being brought in to warm up cool spaces and create more of an environmental ‘outdoors coming in’ feel.”

2. The hot hue for 2018?

The color purple, according to The Pantone Color Institute… Specifically, the shade Ultra Violet. As the combination of blue and red, purple is complex; known historically as the color linked to wealth, power, and royalty. Furthermore, “Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now,” says “The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”

Our advice at New Homes & Ideas? Get regally contemplative and get your purple on in 2018!

3. Sinks composed of natural materials
Sinks of stone, copper, concrete, and granite are expected to rule in the new year based on the Houzz network of users and home professionals. White and stainless steel sinks will decline in popularity as this trend gains traction. Additionally, trough or bucket sinks, wider and deeper than traditional sinks as we’ve long known them, are expected to be sought after due to their functionality and harmony with farmhouse-style trends. In fact, “large farmhouse sinks with an apron front are preferred by many for our open concept kitchens,” says Heather of Fielding Homes.

Think warm tones of dark gray, bronze, and black, and you’ll be trending in the right direction.

4. Flower power

Look for floral prints of high-contrasting color and oversized blooms as the statement makers of the year in the home, clothing, and accessory industries. Through the ages flowers have traditionally been linked with beauty, spring, renewal, and femininity. Although these nostalgic characteristics still apply, the 2018 trend will pack extra punch with a few of the upcoming contrast trends featuring black coupling with white, teal pairing with gold, and blue offsetting orange. If creating your own botanical color contrast has been a secret desire, 2018 is the year to step up and become a trendsetter!

5. Vintage lighting makes a comeback, with a bonus of mixed metal intrigue

“Clients are becoming more comfortable with mixing finishes in their homes,” says Lighting Consultant Carla Reck of Lights Unlimited, Inc. “Mixed metal finishes such as brass and bronze or polished nickel and black on chandeliers and light fixtures will be prevalent in 2018, as opposed to maintaining one exclusive metal tone throughout a home. We’ll see continued popularity in Modern Farmhouse and Casual Industrial looks as well as many new Mid-Century Modern inspired lighting fixtures in the new year.”

Lou Ann of Drees Homes agrees with Carla. “One of the strongest new trends which ‘breaks the mold’ and is a bit daring for some of our more traditional homebuyers is the mixing of metals in one room,” she says “New metal finishes in bathroom accessories and lighting, especially in the rose-gold category, ramp up the drama and make a striking contrast when a shiny component is paired with a darker finish.”

Energy efficient “green” lighting will continue its reign, Carla goes on to say, with clients demanding more design-forward products such as bulbs and under-cabinet lighting that look good and provide either color corrective or ambient lighting for effect.

6. Millwork walls as decorative components

Walls of hardwood have been seen in bathrooms and kitchens for awhile now; expect to see them in bedrooms and other areas of the home in the upcoming year. Shiplap (a wooden board often used as exterior siding for barns and other rustic buildings), millwork panels, and reclaimed wood planks will be utilized frequently in 2018 as the option of choice over paint and wallpaper.

“By far the most frequent requests from new home owners are interior wall statements such as shiplap, board and batten, and sliding barn doors, which complement the Modern Farmhouse elevations that we are currently offering in several of our new home communities,” says Beth DeMore, Design Studio Coordinator at Robuck Homes.

7. Concrete as an accent

Concrete is expected to grow in 2018 beyond its function as a standard building material and option for countertops and wall coverings to become a widespread choice for furniture, accessories, and tile. The use of this natural matter allows simple items to invigorate our surroundings through elevated design. Instead of rock, paper, scissors, think rock, gravel, sand!

8. An intricate backsplash

Subway tile will always be a timeless option, but why not consider some of the new tile trends for 2018? Tile designs that mimic wood, concrete, resin, fabric, or wallpaper can add a striking element to walls in the new year. Geometric cement, terrazzo, penny round, and brickwork tile are also worthy of deliberation. The design autonomy of wallpaper will abound in the new year with the durability and damage resistance of tile.

9. Calm and casual first floor bedrooms

Serenity will govern the bedroom in 2018, defined by minimalist designs, soothing colors, delicate fabrics, and functional, unfussy furnishings. “As the need for easy home accessibility continues to be forefront in home design, first floor owners’ suites continue to be in demand,” says Ashton Woods Marketing Manager Anna Wilson. “Historically, this trend was driven by the aging population’s need for accessibility but main level owners’ suite designs continue to grow in popularity. We see this as a trend across all age group buyers because of added privacy, larger, more open layouts, and overall convenience.”


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