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2006 State Fair Information Is Up!

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The NC Department of Agriculture now has their 2006 State Fair information up! Woo hoo! It's Fair time in four months!

Not everything is available (premium books aren't out yet, for example), but here are a few highlights:

1. There will be a "Military Appreciation Day" on Wednesday, October 18. Military families will get in for free with a valid Military ID. (The Hunger Relief Day, donate four cans of Food Lion food and get into the Fair for free, will be Thursday, October 19.)

2. Doggies of the Wild West, Keith King Bike Stunt Show, and the Dazzling Mills Family will all be back this year.

3. The Village of Yesteryear has several new members on its page including Curtis Cecil - Glass Blower, Schotsi Creech - Historical Headware, and Gagik Gasparian - Metal Filigree.

4. There will NOT be unlimited ride passes/arm bands/whatever this year.

The site has a lot more information to add, so keep an eye on the home page for pointers to news releases and more details.