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2 off-duty airmen disciplined for consuming alcohol at a missile alert facility in Wyoming

Posted May 24, 2019 7:25 p.m. EDT

— Two off-duty Air Force personnel consumed alcohol on the premises of a missile alert facility at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, a statement from 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs Operations Chief Joseph Coslett said.

"An investigation, including admission by the Airmen, revealed the two consumed the alcohol while in an off-duty status and were not in contact, nor had any access to weapons or classified material," the statement said.

An Air Force official told CNN the airmen were off-duty and don't normally spend the night at the alert facility.

"They thought that they could follow the same rules that they follow at lodging at main base. There are rules, however, that you may not have any alcohol out at the missile fields even if you are off duty," the official said.

The Air Force statement said the airmen were held accountable for their actions but would not "discuss specific administrative punishments."