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5 On Your Side shares ways to make produce last

Consumers are trying to make the most of every visit to the grocery store.

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Monica Laliberte
, Executive producer/consumer reporter

Consumers are trying to make the most of every visit to the grocery store. Now more than ever, fresh fruits and vegetables need to last, not go to waste.

5 On Your Side's Monica Laliberte shares five strategies Del Monte Foods says could help.

It starts with storage.

First, bananas.

When they're ripe, put them in the refrigerator to help them last longer. Yes, the peel will turn brown, but the fruit is still good.

Second, potatoes.

Store them with apples to keep them from sprouting. Do not store them with onions.

Third, lettuce.

To keep it fresh, separate the leaves and layer them between paper towels.

If the leafy greens are struggling, try bringing them back to life by soaking them in ice water for 15 minutes.

Next, refrigeration.

Don't refrigerate tomatoes or avocados. It shortens their shelf life.

Store tomatoes stem side up on the counter, and avocados in a cool, dark place.

Broccoli and leafy greens like a high humidity drawer.

Most fruits do better in low humidity.

And with produce, buy whole instead of pre-cut. It not only lasts longer, it's often less expensive.

Wondering what will last the longest?

Typically it's apples, carrots, citrus, and potatoes.

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