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$15K worth of damage done at Durham gas station shootout

Posted August 26

— A Durham gas station owner said it will cost about $15,000 to replace glass that was broken during a shooting on Thursday.

The shooting happened at the BP gas station in the 3000 block of Fayetteville Street around 4 p.m.

"One of them started shooting with a handgun from the pump," described owner Azad Suruz. "The other one, with the AR-15, went from the front of the building and was shooting right out front of the door."

Suruz said that two employees and three customers were inside the convenience store when the shooting happened. The glass front window was shot out and a couple of bullets ended up inside the store, according to Suruz.

"They were scared. They were on the ground. They were trained, so they were lying down on the ground and after a few minutes, they called me," he said.

Durham police said no one was injured in the shooting.

The two people that shot at each other left the gas station before police arrived. Police are continuing to look for the shooters.

"It could have been worse," said Suruz. I'm glad there was not a fatality."