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10 Uses for a Rusty Old Rake Head

Posted December 6, 2012 4:35 p.m. EST

There was a time long ago that when a shovel or rake handle broke, you went to the hardware store, bought a new handle and installed it into the old rake head. Years later, in a more prosperous time when a rake handle broke, people simply bought a new rake and the broken rake sat in the garage and collected spider webs.

But that was yesterday; today "green" is popular. Furniture, carpet, and accessories receive much acclaim when re-made from previously used items. Flooring contractors are installing reclaimed barnwood floors. As a result new design styles have emerged, such as Industrial Chic, in which furniture is created from discarded industrial materials. In accordance with the current trend, let's explore 10 uses for that old abandoned rake head gathering dust in the garage.

The best type of rake head to use is a garden rake because the prongs are strong and set at a 90 degree angle to the base; this makes it a wonderful prop to hang things on for practical or whimsical use. Listed below are some clever and useful ideas.

1. Use a rake head as a wine glass rack: A fun and creative way to repurpose an old rake head is to remove the wooden handle and hang it on the wall to be used as a wine glass rack. The rake head can be mounted on the wall in an area where wine is stored or served. A single rake head will easily hold 4 standard wine glasses upside down by the stem and base. When only one rake head is used, it is a novelty or accessory accent on the wall. It is an attention getter and adds nostalgia to the décor. Multiple rake heads can be used for true function and storage.

2. Make a necklace rack from an old rake head: Another unique use for the rake head is to hang necklaces from the prongs. If the use of a rusty or shiny new rake head does not match your style, simply paint it a color that either coordinates with your color scheme or gives an unexpected pop of color, like energetic green or bright orange.

3. Store scarves on an old rake head: Another clever closet idea is to drape scarves over the rake head prongs. This has a multifunction; it looks nice, and makes the scarves easy to find, as well as keeping them wrinkle free.

4. Make a belt rack from an old rake head: The garden rake head can also serve as a belt rack in the dressing area. This is an organized and clever way to hang belts in full view.

5. Make an entryway key rack from an old rake head: The rake head can be installed in a convenient area such as the wall by the garage door or on the side of a cabinet. It not only looks cool but also makes the keys easy to keep up with and access.

6. Use an old rake head as a coat hanger: The rake head makes an adorable coat hanger. Hoodies, jackets, and raincoats can be hung within reach on a fashionable display. It's perfect for a custom mudroom. I'd hire an Atlanta carpenter to hang one in my own mudroom!

7. Whimsical mudroom umbrella or dog leash hanger: It also works well as an umbrella hanger and dog leash hanger. If all three of these are useful, simply hang three rake heads on the wall, one for each purpose. They can be installed, side by side, or in a stair step style for a good look.

8. Hang your mops and brooms from an old rake head: The rake head makes a handy hanger for mops and brooms as well. It can be attached to the garage wall, or in the pantry.

9. Handy kitchen utensil rack: Add the unexpected charm of yesterday by hanging utensils from the rake head in the kitchen. Not only are they easy to find, but also this adds a whimsical touch to the room.

Have you repurposed an old rake head? Would you try any of these ideas? Please tell us in the comments!

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