10 Lbs. Down Celebration

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Scanning the scales this morning I was pretty excited. 174 lbs. It's taken a little longer than planned but today I reached my Ten Pounds Down weight loss goal. I started the summer at 184 lbs and my clothes were starting to feel a little tight. This morning I put on my "leanest" suit and it fit perfectly.

I'd like to thank my family for supporting me, taking long walks after dinner and consuming lots of salads and whole wheat products with me. I'd also like to thank registered dietitians and trainers Tara Wind and Avril Young of Life Time Fitness for their expert advice, humor and fat burning core exercises. Plus, I'd like to thank you for all of your warm words of encouragement.

The key now is to keep the weight off. How can I do that? That's my question for you today. Please share your advice on how to maintain a healthy weight and avoid slipping back into bad habits.

The Wednesday weigh-ins will continue but only once a month and I will report the results here on my blog. The accountability is good for me.

I am going to celebrate today with a treat - a mint chocolate chip Carolina concrete at Goodberry's. But I'll show restraint and order a "small."

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