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'Troop Train' Offers Free Rides To Veterans and Their Families

Posted May 27, 2018 10:44 a.m. EDT

— The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad opening their train cars to veterans and their families this Memorial Day weekend.

The 'Troop Train' as it's called gives those veterans a free ride on the train.

Awards were also presented to longtime A & M employees.

One of them was 91-year-old Haskell Jeffries -- a veteran and former Fort Smith trolley conductor.

He now volunteers his time to be a conductor on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad, making him the oldest conductor in the United States.

"You had to volunteer for something, and this is my volunteer job," said Jeffries. "I like people, I'm used to being around people being in the service, and I'm easy to communicate with them and I enjoy it."

During the train ride -- a stop was made at a mass grave, marked with crosses.

There, a large ceremony was held to remember those who have lost their live -- coinciding with Memorial Day.