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'Tommy hates Irene' and other behind-the-scenes photos

Posted August 28, 2011 12:30 p.m. EDT
Updated July 13, 2018 2:13 p.m. EDT

WRAL was on the air for 20 hours straight Saturday covering Hurricane Irene with reporters and photographers across the Triangle and coast.

When they weren't on air, some of my co-workers were tweeting behind-the-scenes pictures. I scoured their Twitter accounts and collected some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Photographer Tom Normanly shared this funny photo of himself with the following message: "Tommy is tired. Tommy needs sleep. Tommy hates Irene. No amount of Diet Coke is helping."

Tom Normanly Twitter


Tom seemed to be feeling a little better a few hours later when he posted this picture and wrote: "Wrightsville Beach is pretty gorgeous right about now!"

Tom Normanly Twitter


Photographer Jamie Munden captured this nice photo of reporter Bryan Mims on an Atlantic Beach pier waiting for Irene:

Jamie Munden Twitter


Photographer Geof Levine made me smile (and feel bad for him) with this shot, which he called the "Lunch of champions!"

Geof Levine Twitter


Documentary photographer Jay Jennings had a cool assignment Sunday as he flew around in Sky 5. "Refueled in Kinston and headed east," he wrote.

Jay Jennings Twitter


Reporter Mike Charbonneau shared this beautiful picture: "After waking up to flooding here yesterday, a much better New Bern view," he wrote.

Mike Charbonneau tweet


Reporter Renee Chou enjoys some quiet time before the storm. "The only time I'll have the beach all to myself! Mandatory evacs empty OBX beach," she wrote.

Renee Chou Twitter


Renee also shared this photo of her potential food choices. "The hurricane diet! Station sent us off w/ this stash if power's out & restaurants close," she wrote.

Renee Chou Twitter


Clever Irene signs were posted all over the coast. Renee found this funny one. "Love this lil' ditty at Kill Devil Hills," she wrote

Renee Chou Twitter


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