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'Red Five standing by:' Star Wars fan receives custom X-Wing fighter for wheelchair

Posted October 30, 2017 3:01 p.m. EDT

— One Star Wars superfan received an awesome surprise at his school Friday.

A security guard at Desert Canyon Middle School built a model X-wing fighter, the starfighter of choice for the Rebel Alliance, that can be attached to Jonathan Ferrell's wheelchair.

Jonathan fell in love Star Wars five years ago and was happy to be able to dress up as an X-wing pilot for Halloween.

Members of the Dune Sea Garrison, a Star Wars costuming club, also showed up to Jonathan's school to give him an X-wing fighter pilot costume and take pictures with the kids.

"When we get to go do a personal thing for a personal kid and see him kind of light up, there's just nothing else like that," said Jennifer LaFortune, executive officer of the Dune Sea Garrison.

The Dune Sea Garrison is a division of the international Star Wars costuming group called the 501st Legion. The group often works to raise money for charity and visits children.