'Power' star Brandon Victor Dixon shares details on Season 5

"Power" star Brandon Victor Dixon says viewers are in for quite the ride in Season 5 of the Starz drama.

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Chloe Melas (CNN)
(CNN) — "Power" star Brandon Victor Dixon says viewers are in for quite the ride in Season 5 of the Starz drama.

Dixon, who plays attorney Terry Silver on "Power," tells CNN that his character's relationship with Tasha St. Patrick [Naturi Naughton] will "deepen."

In a recent interview with CNN, Dixon dished a bit more on "Power" and talked about that time he called out Vice President Mike Pence following a 2016 "Hamilton" performance.

You were recently made a series regular on 'Power,' congratulations. Were you surprised when you were told the news?

Anytime that you're going to make it to another episode on 'Power,' you're excited. I'm not dead yet. I was very excited. Every experience I've had with 'Power' has been so great, so to become a series regular was fantastic."

What can people expect from Terry this season?

I'm not on every episode but we are going to see Tasha [Naughton] and Terry's relationship deepen, and we're going to see more of how the stress and the emotional connection between them puts stress on loyalties between Ghost [Omari Hardwick] and Tommy [Joseph Sikora] and the business. That's really what we're going to be see. She's choosing between trying to save her family, and save her heart and save herself.

Why doesn't anybody like Dre?

Nobody likes Dre [Rotimi]. Dre sucks. He's an a**hole and just a douche bag. I'm sure he's going to die ... he's just a skeevy, sleazy guy.

What makes that 'Power' so successful?

The production value is really high ... but New York really is a character in this show and I think that can't be discounted. The power of the integration of New York into the storytelling is part of what draws people in.

What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had?

On the way to the premiere -- we were turning the corner by Radio City Music Hall and my window is down -- and all of a sudden this guy comes in through the window into the car and says, 'You're from 'Power' right? Big fan of the show.'

Looking back at the time you confronted Mike Pence, were you surprised by some of the criticism?

"It seems outrageous to people that we would interrupt a stage production, but this is something we do on a regular basis. At the end of the show we come out and we regularly ask for money or ask people to come together in solidarity.

You starred opposite John Legend in NBC's live version of 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' is stage work your preferred storytelling medium?

They aren't separate entities for me. I'm an artist, I'm an actor so when I'm looking for something, I'm looking for stories. Look, I love theater. You can't replicate the life format ... I think for me as I look forward I am just looking to tell stories in the right places.

"Power" airs Sundays on Starz.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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