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'Pawn Stars' guests remember Richard 'Old Man' Harrison

Posted June 27, 2018 11:25 a.m. EDT

— Family, fans and friends continued to share memories of Richard "Old Man" Harrison, the founder of Gold and Silver Pawn on Las Vegas Boulevard, and one of the stars of The History Channel show "Pawn Stars," which profiles the shop. Harrison died on Monday after a fight with Parkinson's Disease.

"He was one of the coolest cats that you'd ever want to know," Danny Koker said. Koker works at Count's Kustoms in Las Vegas. He frequently made appearances on "Pawn Stars" as a car expert, and eventually got his own show, "Counting Cars," on The History Channel.

"One of my very favorite things to do every time I would go over there is I would make sure that I would go to Mr. Harrison's office and just spend some time talking with him," Koker said. "Mr. Harrison was exactly like he was on TV. He was not playing a part in any way shape or form."

"He tended to be a little gruffer on TV, but he was gruff, that was who he was," Mark Hall-Patton said. Hall-Patton is an administrator with the Clark County Museum, and is known as "the beard of knowledge" on "Pawn Stars." He's made appearances to evaluate historic items brought into Gold and Silver Pawn, and often worked with Harrison.

"It was neat working with the man," he said. "I got to do a number of scenes with him, and when you saw him there, that's who he was."

Hall-Patton added that Harrison cared about the Las Vegas community and went out of his way to help Southern Nevada. Hall-Patton said when former Nevada Sen. Patrick McCarran's senate chair came into the shop, Harrison loaned it to the museum to display.

"He created that business, he built it up ... and the guy who started a pawn shop in Las Vegas is known by everybody," Hall-Patton said with a smile.

"Without Mr. Harrison there, it's definitely going to be different. There's going to be something missing," Koker said.

The public was invited to attend the viewing of Richard "Old Man" Harrison of "Pawn Stars" Sunday. The public viewing is scheduled to take place at Palm Mortuary at 6701 N. Jones Blvd, near Interstate 215.