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'Paving company' attempts to scam Harnett County man

A Harnett County man who got caught in a questionable asphalt deal wants to warn others.

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HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — A Harnett County man who got caught in a questionable asphalt deal wants to warn others.

Less than three-weeks old, asphalt that Ken Lloyd purchased is already crumbling.

“This is not pavement, this is junk,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd was about to pull out of his Harnett County driveway one morning last month when he says a man, Cruise Carroll, showed up with an offer to pave his driveway.

"Oh my family has been in the business, my grandfather started it,” described Lloyd of the explanation Carroll offered. “We got a product that was leftover in the area. We'll do you a good, quick job."

Lloyd was in a hurry and signed an Always Paving proposal, which quoted $6,000. When Lloyd got home that afternoon, paving was underway.

"I never heard him say ‘We're going to do it this afternoon," thinking I would have time to research it and see what was going on,” Lloyd said.

He didn't notice the fine print at the bottom of the proposal authorizing the work.

Lloyd said Carroll wanted $2,000; he refused and called 5 On your Side.

WRAL News found out the trucks Cruise and his crew drove are owned by the Carroll family of South Carolina.

Some law enforcement call them "Irish Travelers.”

Joe Livingston, a special agent with South Carolina's law enforcement division said the group deals in "illusion and confusion.”

Livingston said the Carroll’s are known for door-to-door, high-pressured sales of home improvement services. He said customers often complain the work – whether paving, painting or floor coverings – is poor quality.

“Travelers" are quick to collect and move on, leaving little to no contact information for customers, Livingston said.

The business card Carroll left with Lloyd has an address listed for a post office at a gas station on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.

WRAL News found the parent company has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, which shows 26 different yet similar names as company contacts, and 25 different business names.

When the numbers provided were contacted, both men who called back gave the last name of “Henry” and hung up when 5 On your Side was mentioned.

WRAL News reached out to law enforcement in Harnett County, who said they’ll be on the lookout.

As for Lloyd, he’ll be on the lookout as well.

"I almost fell for it,” he said. “I’ll be a lot more careful – you can bank on that.”

Another warning – the paving crew would only accept cash or check for payment, according to Lloyd.


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