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'I want to pop him:' Video shows soldier, veteran shooting dog

Posted April 25, 2017 7:09 p.m. EDT
Updated April 26, 2017 6:38 p.m. EDT

— Two soldiers – a man on active duty assigned to the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg and his girlfriend, a former soldier, are charged with animal cruelty and conspiracy after the shooting death of the woman's dog.

Jarren Heng, 26, and Marinna Rollins, 22, appeared in court Wednesday.

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, the dog belonged to Rollins and was her emotional support dog. Authorities said Rollins is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other emotional issues.

The dog was medically-certified through the mail from a South Carolina doctor. Investigators said there is no evidence the dog was trained to be a medical service dog.

Authorities said the dog was taken into a wooded area, tied to a tree and shot five times with a rifle on April 16. The couple recorded the incident, and the video circulated on Facebook. According to Cumberland County Animal Control, the pit bull, then named Huey, was given to them in December 2015.

The video showed the couple tying the dog to a tree and laughing as the dog, which they call Cam, dies.

Animal control was tipped off about the shooting and confronted the couple at their Morganton Road apartment.

They told authorities it cost them $75 to feed the dog (per week), and it had some health issues.

"(Authorities) asked Ms. Rollins about her dog, and she said no idea where the dog was or what was going on," said Sean Swain, a spokesman with the sheriff's office. "They confronted her with the video that was on Facebook of her and her boyfriend shooting the dog."

Once Rollins had shot the dog four times, Heng asked to shoot the dog: "I want to pop him."

"It's been real, Camy. I love you. You're my puppy," Rollins said.

The video shows both people shooting the dog five times.

The video shows the couple covering the dog with a white sheet and putting it in a shallow grave.

Both suspects are being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond.