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'Charlotte's Web' and 'Pet Sematary' fans should home shop in Maine

It's a "reader's" market in Maine, with two homes that inspired famous novels for sale.

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Sheena Jones (CNN)

It's a "reader's" market in Maine, with two homes that inspired famous novels for sale.

If you went to elementary school, chances are you've read "Charlotte's Web," by E.B. White.

You can now own a piece of the story for $3.7 million.

Mary Gallant, 80, and her husband, Robert Gallant, 88, are selling the Brooklin, Maine, farm that was the inspiration for the farm in the beloved story about a spider who befriends a pig named Wilbur.

"This is a two-story home and it's time for us to settle in one spot," Mary Gallant said.

The Gallants, who have four children, have lived at the farm for 31 years, after buying the farm from White's nephew. They have had their fair share of visitors, including one school that has sent groups to visit for the last 25 years, Gallant said.

"We would sit in the barn and read 'Charlotte's Web' while the children would swing on the same swing Wilbur talked about in the book," Gallant said.

"I'm going to miss the young teacher and the students," she said.

When asked if the new owners could potentially turn the home into a children's museum, Gallant replied with a firm, "No. E.B. White never wanted that."

If you'd rather be reminded of a scary novel, take a look at the Orrington, Maine, home where Stephen King lived when he was inspired to write "Pet Sematary."

Lori Dosen, whose family has owned the home for about 26 years, said the asking price is $200,000.

Her family, too, has had visitors, Dosen said.

Sometimes Dosen's aunt let visitors walk around the property and come inside, Dosen said.

Dosen said she'd like the future owners of the house to turn it into a museum.

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