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Many stores now offer promotions that pay you to bring your recyclable bags back to the store.

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Have you noticed that most of your local grocery and drug stores have recyclable bags with their store name on them?

What you may not know is that many of those same stores now offer promotions that pay you to bring your recyclable bags back to the store.

The great news is that at most of these stores, you don’t even have to bring in a recyclable bag from their store to qualify. You can use any bag you bring in and still receive the benefit of the promotions. Keep in mind that you only get credit for the bags you use. If you bring 100 bags back to the store, you will only get the discount for those used to bag your groceries during checkout.

Here's a list of the bag promotions available at Raleigh area stores:

  • CVS Green Bag Tag: Buy the Green bag tag at the register for 99 cents. Every time you make a purchase, the cashier scans your Green bag tag. The Green bag tag card can be scanned once per day. When it has been scanned four times, you get a $1 coupon at the end of the receipt. The coupon prints out at the register and can be used for almost anything in the store. It’s like getting paid a quarter every time you bring your own bag.
  • Lowe’s Foods will add 5 cents to your Fresh Rewards Account for every bag you bring back and use to bag your groceries.
  • Target offers a 5-cent discount for every reusable bag you bring to bag your items.
  • Trader Joe’s enters you into a weekly drawing for a bag of groceries when you bring your own bags.
  • Whole Foods offers a 10-cent discount for every bag you bring and fill with the groceries you are buying.

Even though it may seem like you are only saving a quarter here and a quarter there, it all adds up. You are also doing your part to reuse and recycle. As I always say: it’s your money, spend it wisely!


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