'Black Jeopardy' and other shows we wish were real

The answer: It went viral and made us wish it were real.

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Lisa Respers France (CNN)
(CNN) — The answer: It went viral and made us wish it were real.

The question: How well did the skit "Black Jeopardy" do on this weekend's "Saturday Night LIve'?

The hilarity featured guest host Chadwick Boseman in character as his "Black Panther" character, T'Challa, the king of Wakanda on the black version of the game show.

It's not the first time the skit has fired on all cylinders.

Tom Hanks' 2016 appearance as a Trump supporter who finds he does indeed have something in common with the other "Black Jeopardy" contestants also got some guffaws.

Fans love it so much that it got us to thinking about other shows within shows we wish had gotten their own standalone billing.

Shows like:

'Due North' from 'Insecure'

The parody from the hit HBO comedy melds slavery with prime time drama and has been described as a hybrid between the now canceled "Underground" and Fox's hit "Empire."

The mock soap set in the pre-Civil War South featured Regina Hall as a slave named Ninny and Scott Foley as her master, with whom she is as romantically involved with as one can be with someone who owns them.

It managed to be both irreverent and funny when it appeared as the show "Insecure" characters were obsessed with during the second season of that series, and it received some major love during the finale.

We wouldn't mind if it got picked up by HBO (which is owned by CNN's parent company).

'Inspector Spacetime' on 'Community'

Admit it, part of the reason you miss the comedy "Community" is because you also miss Troy and Abed's favorite show, which looked a great deal like "Dr. Who."

At the very least we deserve an "Inspector Spacetime" convention like the characters attending in season four.

'The Itchy & Scratchy Show' on 'The Simpsons'

Forget "Tom & Jerry."

Give us the blood letting that happens on "Itchy & Scratchy" any day.

This animated series inside the long-running animated series has its own fan base.

'The Terrance and Phillip Show' on 'South Park'

Speaking of popular animated shows, Terrance and Phillip had major fans in the characters from "South Park" who enjoyed their many fart jokes.

The pair were crudely drawn and even cruder in their dialogue.

'Pawnee Today' on 'Parks and Recreation'

Who says local television isn't exciting?

"Pawnee Today" gave a pretty entertaining view of the fictitious Indiana town where the NBC comedy was set.

No one answered calls better than Ron Swanson.

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