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Zoning Laws are Not Ever In Your Favor

Posted December 4, 2013

Google may have met its match in the city of San Francisco, where the rumors swirling around its mysterious barges are building to a head as new facts emerge: the company may be planning to branch into retail, using the barges as a showroom for products like Google Glass, say the San Francisco-based contractors working on the project. That might seem like a piece of tech news, not home improvement news, except for one small problem: the company hasn't considered the zoning implications of setting up its own Bay-mounted retail plaza.

And San Francisco authorities aren't thrilled at the idea.

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission would need to issue a permit for any kind of permanent mooring and use as a retail site, and the agency isn't delighted with Google's secrecy or nebulous planning, let alone lack of communication. Could Google's grand plan be about to sink before it even sets sail? It's a grim reminder to check on zoning and permits before you get too carried away with your dream project, as chances are that your attorneys aren't quite as good as Google's...

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