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Zebulon mother killed in crash

Posted April 23, 2011
Updated April 25, 2011

— A mother of six was killed Saturday night and four of her children injured in a car wreck on Worth Hinton Road in Zebulon, police said.

Chaneka Fenetra Stroud, 32, of King Malcolm Lane in Zebulon, was killed instantly when the car flipped and landed on its top, police said. 
Flesuia Thomas heard the crash from inside her home on Worth Hinton Road. She said it sounded like a "boom, boom, boom."
She went outside and tried to comfort Stroud's children.
"I made a mistake because I told (them) she would be all right and she isn't," Thomas said. "I don't know what to do."
Police said the children in the car were taken to WakeMed for treatment, and their injuries appeared to be non-life-threatening. 
Cyerah Stroud, 13, was not in the car but said her siblings were expected to recover fully from their injuries. Family members asked her to speak for them Sunday night. She said she'll miss her mother.
"She was my guiding light. She told me a lot," Cyerah Stroud said.
Police had not identified a cause of the crash. Only Stroud's car was involved.

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  • MyTruth Apr 27, 2011

    Followup story in Easten Wake Newspaper.

  • kstor33 Apr 26, 2011

    melimcmc...OUTSTANDING POST!!! Thank you for being a sensible human being!

  • melimcmc Apr 26, 2011

    It amazes me that many of the comments are more focused on issues that have nothing to do with this story. The fact is there are 6 children who have lost their mother. The age of the mother of irrelevant, how many fathers/husbands, etc is not necessary for us to discuss. Don't judge this woman in her death. Pray for her children or better yet, actively help her children to get what they need to make it through this tragic time in their lives. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. My prayers are with this family.

  • tiredofracism.... Apr 25, 2011

    My heart aches and I didn't even know this mother... As a mother myself, my kids would be lost w/out me and after watching the oldest daugh, I cried... It hurts to lose someone so suddenly. Been there, going on 7 1/2 yrs and the pain is still there. To the father(s)doesn't matter how many.... I know you will be there for them and continue to be with them. There is a void that will never be filled.... but I know you will continue to love them unconditionally! Prayers continuing to go out for this family in their time of grief/sorrow

  • ABar Apr 25, 2011

    I agree with andybar2001, I didn't know she had commented on this story, that's my wife!

  • ABar Apr 25, 2011

    That was totally uncalled for WRAL!!! There is no way that this young girl should have been put on the news talking about her mother's death. COME ON!!! How cold can you get? You could have repoprted the story without going this low!!! I rate WRAL above other news channels, but someone was NOT thinking on this story! Someone needs some time off without pay!

  • packersfan4life Apr 25, 2011

    Very sad story. I too agree that this child should not be on camera.

  • debnamdavis Apr 25, 2011

    I did not agree with the new for putting Cyera on camera, not only WRAL but 11 and other new crews wanted to interview the kids. That was a bad idea and it stopped there with WRAL. You all are right they should not have even asked to interview any of the kids. Its amazing how far the media goes and they act like they care but its the story they care about.
    Keep the kids and the entire family in your prayers.

  • enpd1979 Apr 25, 2011

    It is terrible to put this girl on camera. I cannot believe WRAL did this!

  • delilahk2000 Apr 25, 2011