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Youngsville couple calls 5 On Your Side after new hardwood floors splinter

Posted July 24
Updated July 27

— The last thing you'd expect from new hardwood floors is splintering and peeling, but one local couple experienced just that.

New floors can be expensive, so seeing problems almost right away was not a good sign for Marci and Steve Fisher. At first glance, the Fishers brand new floors were perfect -- the color and wide plank style was exactly what the couple wanted. From a distance, the new floors looked amazing, but the Fishers noticed problems when they got closer.

"I took a picture saying, 'Look, doesn't this look great!,' and it did; from upstairs it looked really good," said Marci. "But then we started getting splinters."

The Fisher's brand new, $6,000 dollar engineered wood floor was splintering, flaking and even coming out in chunks. "One of the pieces was sticking straight up in the air," said Marci. "When I pointed it out to the contractor he reached down with a little utility knife and trimmed it and put a little glue on it and put that piece back down. If you run your hands across it, you'll catch a piece."

When their new hardwood floors started splintering, this couple went to court

The floors were installed in November by Design Home Renovations, or DHR, out of Youngsville. The Fishers complained to owner Dana Sherron that, after more than two months of texts and phone calls, they were unsuccessful in trying to coordinate replacing the floors.

When they asked Sherron for a refund and didn't get one, they sued DHR in small claims court and won a $5,000 judgment, the maximum allowed in Franklin County.

Instead of paying the judgment, Sherron pushed to replace the floors. Fearing they'd end up with nothing, the Fishers agreed, until Sherron texted they'd have to release her from the judgment before work started. They were not willing to do that.

When their new hardwood floors started splintering, this couple went to court

Sherron's attorney, John Austin, said, despite the judgment, the initial problem involved the product. He calls the dispute a miscommunication.

"I thought we were working out a deal to install new floors the whole time," said Sherron.

To that, Marci stated she didn't understand how Austin could call the incident a miscommunication.

"The thing is, if we do the work, we need the release, so it's like what comes first, the chicken or the egg?," said Austin. Eventually, Sherron paid the judgment.

"I wish things worked out this well for all people that have issues," said Austin.

When their new hardwood floors started splintering, this couple went to court

The Fishers certainly don't feel things "worked out well," but they are relieved to get their $5,000, plus court costs, back.


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  • Tiffany Hambright Aug 8, 10:32 p.m.
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    Well isn't this special? We are in the middle of a months-long nightmare with this same person. From what I understand, there are about 20 other families dealing with a wide range of issues with Dana and her crew as well. We've all used Lowe's Home Improvement for renovations and this is the contractor they subbed. Was told today she will not be given any new jobs through them, but it still leaves a lot of us suffering. So, that's not a whole lot of consolation. Lowe's requires you pay in full so we have no leverage. The case would have to go to Superior Court because of the dollar amount so suing would be risky and costly for us if we don't win. It's not a pleasant predicament to be in AT ALL.

  • Patrick Gentry Jul 26, 12:48 p.m.
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    View quoted thread

    Yes because judges hand out maximum judgements to someone that's actively seeking to work with someone to resolve an issue in a timely manner.

    Oh please, you did poor work and tried to avoid redoing it and this time you got a victim that wasn't going to lay down and let you roll over them.

    I wouldn't trust your business to redo my flooring either if we had to go through months of headache and had to resort to a lawsuit to get anything done.

    Your almost as bad as the City of Raleigh with customer service.

  • Henry Cooper Jul 25, 7:40 p.m.
    user avatar

    Hmm... Disappearing comments.

    Ahh WRAL censorship at its best.

  • Henry Cooper Jul 25, 6:38 a.m.
    user avatar

    WOW Scum hands with SCUM I guess.

    Their Attorney had his law license suspended at one point for forgery. He forged his wife's name on a 60K loan because the IRS was coming for him. He owed 68K to the IRS.

    Here is the actual court document:

    People I found all this while sitting at my computer drinking coffee. If we would all do the legwork before we sink our money in something scum like this would be out of business.

  • Henry Cooper Jul 24, 9:50 p.m.
    user avatar

    The company was started in 2014 according to the BBB. Website registered 2015. No google reviews either except the one they posted about themselves which was right about when they launched the site.

    Claims of being in business as a contractor for 20+ years but having no history is odd. It makes you think they have incorporated under a new name...wait for it... Maybe like they were "Design House Flooring" and were on the ripoff report in 2012 under that name with the same owner. That biz was incorporated in 2011 so there was another company before that. I got tired of looking back but this means they have been three diff companies in less than 7 years.

    Contractors are amazing. I have dealt with them for years and the majority are not timely or accountable. The old "change the name" of the company trick to hide the history does not work as well anymore with the ability to easily find the previous info.

    Lastly Support the product you sell (not pass the buck)!

  • Kayla Keith Jul 24, 8:44 p.m.
    user avatar

    Hi Jim,
    The manufactor of the floor was Shamrock, who was responsible for the cracks in the wood. Unfortunately, their process in making a claim to get a FULL replacement took longer than ideal, and thats why there was a delay. Unfortunately, this was taken out on the contractors while they were waiting for this process to work. The entire time, the contractors communicated with the homeowners and said they would replace their floor REGARDLESS of the claim, and were planning to install a new floor but would not put down a brand new 6k floor and also pay a 5k claim from court and had the choice for either (originally choose new floor) but they could not have both. These contractors have been in the business since 1995 and have been respected in the community for quality work.

  • Jim Frei Jul 24, 7:15 p.m.
    user avatar

    What is the brand/ manufacturer of the "engineered" floor boards?