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Yipes! Boil Water Issued in Chicago

Posted August 18, 2013

If there's one thing you really, really don't want to find in your drinking water, it's bacteria that could make you sick. Residents of the Village of Deerfield were issued a boil water order earlier this week for that very reason when public health officials uncovered contamination in their drinking water. Until the source of the problem could be identified, residents couldn't drink their tap water without boiling it first. Talk about a pain in the noogies!

Boil water orders are fortunately uncommon, but when they do happen, it's because of a breakdown somewhere along the line in the complex system that brings municipal water to the homes of residents. Most water treatment plants have extensive systems in place to aggressively protect their water supply, but every now and then, unwanted visitors slip through, which is why officials test for contamination.

Plumbers in Chicago know that maintaining safe home water systems is important; this situation is a great reminder that if you haven't had your home plumbing assessed lately, now might be a good time to have someone take a look to confirm that your pipes are in good condition.

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