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Yahoo users say Raleigh's hardest state capital to remember

Posted September 17, 2009

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— Searches on Yahoo.com indicate that Raleigh is the country's hardest state capital to remember, according to a spokeswoman for the Internet search engine.

Yahoo.com has seen a 43 percent surge in searches for state capitals in the past 30 days, spokeswoman Laura Dempsey said. The most frequent search was for the capital of North Carolina.

Coming behind Raleigh as hard-to-remember state capitals were the seats of government in California, Alaska, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Montana, New Mexico, New York and Washington.

Test your knowledge of state capitals.

Dempsey said that more than half the people searching for state capitals were over age 30.


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  • dougdeep Sep 18, 2009

    Hah, well, maybe it's the most sought after? There's probably far less searching for the capital of North Dakota.

  • speedy Sep 18, 2009

    It's probably all the Wake County HS'ers trying to figure out the state capital.

  • Mid-Rd Sep 18, 2009

    Yep pretty odd considering that NC is the 11th most populous state.

  • edits Sep 18, 2009

    starletta and speedy: "Raleigh's" is correctly used in this article because it is a contraction for "Raleigh is"

    The increase is probably due to health care reform and people looking to see who they can contact in different state capitals or it is because school children are doing geography or social studies.

  • whatchoo_sayin Sep 18, 2009

    What a claim to fame. The tourist brochures can read, "come to Raleigh, nobody knows where it is."

  • tarheelskier Sep 17, 2009

    This is surprising considering Ray-lee is bigger than Buffalo, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Tampa, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Honolulu...... and just as big as Oakland and Miami.

  • pyrosinthesky Sep 17, 2009

    Actually, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Sir Walter Raleigh pronounced his name "Ray-Lee" as in daily. There might have been an article about it in the N&O about is several years back about the 3 different ways Raleigh is prononuced.

    It wouldn't be the first time the name of someplace is badly mispronounced. Camp Lejeune is another one that comes to mind. Charlie Gaddy on WRAL is the only person I ever heard on TV ever say it correctly. The descendants of the man whom the camp is named after has been trying to get the military to pronounce it correctly for years.

  • iamyeary Sep 17, 2009


    don't worry, I think it's because high schools/ colleges just started classes again in the last 30 days. Not strange at all, imo :-)

  • FarmerDoug Sep 17, 2009

    Guess we're going to have to place an order for a few consecutive Stanley Cups.

  • Wenchmaid Sep 17, 2009

    Is this really newsworthy???