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Wrong-way driver was cause of Sanford wreck

Posted September 19, 2008
Updated September 20, 2008

— Sanford police have determined that Janie Mabe Hardy, 80, was traveling north in the southbound lane of U.S. Highway 1 Thursday when her car collided with another vehicle.

Harby, of 604 Glenwood Drive in Sanford, was pronounced dead at the scene near the junction of U.S. highways 1 and 421 Bypass. 

The driver of the other vehicle, Mark Thomas Levitt, 27, of 101 East Bingham Street in Alpena, Mich., was airlifted to UNC Hospitals. Levitt remained in critical condition Saturday night.


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  • LibertarianTechie Sep 19, 2008

    mmania, I drive that road every day. I would like to know that if a person has a medical problem that impeds them from driving safely, that there doctors and family work together to keep them off the road once they cannot drive safely. If I have to share the road with you, I would hope you are healthy enough to drive safely.

  • rafiki Sep 19, 2008

    Hah.....did you say over 70 should get special licence or not drive, did you mean McCain. Can't drive the country!

  • pwilliamson53 Sep 19, 2008

    All these sick post are pitiful. There are those that drive & drink, text, talk on cell phones that aren't elderly that cause accidents. The elderly has rights too. I agree at some point a person shouldn't drive. Be respectful of your elders. A sad situation and tragic accident occured. Stop making sick comments and judging others.

  • bs101fly Sep 19, 2008

    we need to RAISE the driving age and take licenses away at age 70!
    get a cab or a limo!

  • mmania Sep 19, 2008


    Do you honestly think that the DMV's in this country can do that? Probably not, and just because they may have a problem doesn't mean it will show on the day they go take a test. About the only way that can happen is if the family gets involved and has a doctors recommendation as well.

    My comment was to James and it was about him wanting to know every little detail and quite frankly it didn't involve him, effect him or or anyone he knew. The poor fellow was from MICH. It's about the voyeur in people thinking it's their RIGHT

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Sep 19, 2008


    Well, for one thing, elderly drivers are not tested by DMV stringently enough. We limit teens driving to compensate for their youth and inexperience. Yet the precedent does not follow through to the elderly. Advanced age, and 80 does quality, does bring about the possibility/probability of numerous "issues" that impair driving, such as Alzheimers.

    I was involved in a wreck a few years ago because of a 70+ year old driver who insisted on coming to a complete stop in the middle of I-10 in Mobile, Alabama all because she was about to miss her exit. Rather than go forward, exit, and double back, she stopped three lanes from the right side exit and less than two car lengths from its separation from the Interstate. She could have killed people since traffic around her was flowing at 55mph. She just stopped. Later she looked at the Mobile city cop and said "But I was going to miss my exit". Period.

    We don't test the elderly because they are more likely to vote than others.

  • wrrgirl Sep 19, 2008

    There really should be more stringent licensure laws as citizens age.

  • mmania Sep 19, 2008


    Why do you have to know?

  • LibertarianTechie Sep 19, 2008

    So, medical problem cause the accident? known or unknown to her and/or her family? what about her doctor? Many questions, too little information given.

  • Common Sense Man Sep 19, 2008

    Oh boy, here we go............