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Wrong-way driver collides with septic truck

Posted July 15, 2011
Updated July 16, 2011

— A 67-year-old man going the wrong way on a Fayetteville street Friday afternoon was seriously injured when his pickup collided head-on with a tanker truck, police said.

A 2010 Ford Ranger pickup went the wrong way on an exit ramp between Rowan Street and Murchison Road and crashed into the septic tanker immediately after getting onto Rowan Street, police said.

The pickup burst into flames, and a passing Public Works Commission employee used an extinguisher to put out the fire, police said.

The pickup driver, Robert McGill, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, then to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. He was in good condition Saturday.

The septic truck, which was empty, is owned by Providence Environmental. The driver, Daniel Ayers, 53, was uninjured.

Police said they think McGill might have suffered a medical problem that caused the wreck. No charges were filed.

The wreck, which happened at about 1:15 p.m., forced police to shut down Rowan Street near Bragg Boulevard for about two hours


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  • caryboy88 Jul 18, 2011

    Why so many wrong way drivers all over the place lately?

  • horrorfan101 Jul 18, 2011

    Has anybody seen the movie "Ready To Rumble"? I just had a flashback.....

  • 1nclady Jul 15, 2011

    something smells................

  • archmaker Jul 15, 2011

    you know the words said right before hitting the septic truck: oh (shoot)!

  • nanasix Jul 15, 2011

    God Bless his family with their loss.

  • SM Jul 15, 2011

    What is it with all the wrong way drivers lately? Is there something in the water?

  • Barely Jul 15, 2011

    "Police said they think the pickup driver might have had a medical condition that caused him to drive against traffic."

    It's called being British.

  • abylelab -BT- Jul 15, 2011

    very stinky situation

  • Wolfheel Tarpack Jul 15, 2011

    So, there's actually a medical condition that causes folks to drive against traffic? I've heard of a lot of weird illnesses, but this is one of the craziest excuses. Would the American's with Disabilities Act "protect" the ill driver from NOT getting a license? Now, if it's an age-related cognitive decline, then that might be understandable. Age, disability or not, such a person should not have a license as they could KILL someone else who is obeying traffic laws. Family members should be mindful and, perhaps, held accountable when they knowingly overlook cognitive decline because it's easier than having to cart their loved/unloved one everywhere.

  • exxe75 Jul 15, 2011

    Time to surrender the driver's license!