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Wreck involving eight vehicles, bear closes I-95 in Halifax County

Posted October 26, 2012

Traffic Accident (generic)

— Authorities closed both northbound lanes of Interstate 95 at mile marker 160 in Halifax County for about five hours Friday morning after a wreck involving eight vehicles and a bear. 

Details about the wreck were not immediately available, but authorities responded to calls about an overturned tractor-trailer about 12:20 a.m. 

Motorists were detoured around the wreck while crews cleared the two-lane stretch of highway, and the lanes were reopened about 5:30 a.m.

It wasn't clear if anyone was injured. No other information was released.


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  • bluntzmon Nov 1, 2012

    The family has started a petition and asks the public for help



  • soblue Oct 31, 2012

    Here is a link to the wreck. A 2 month old infant was killed and the trucker who plowed into them was drunk...so sad.

  • Scubagirl Oct 26, 2012

    " There were many injured in this accident including an infant. Where is the compassion? crysalston"

    First of all the article we are commenting on does NOT say there were many injured, in fact states they don't know. Nothing was said about a drunk driver either so you and yanks1979 can just dismount from your high horses. We comment on what we read, not what we don't know or don't read. I don't routinely go somewhere else to see if there is a more detailed story before commenting here. Most don't.

  • crysalston Oct 26, 2012

    Special Prayers for all that was injured. I knew a few injured and it saddens me that their lives are at risk because of someones carelessness to drive drunk. The Drunk driver should be charged to the full extent of the law. Can't believe so many people are cracking jokes about this. There were many injured in this accident including an infant. Where is the compassion?

  • kikinc Oct 26, 2012

    Yanks-Chill out. This is a discussion board on a public forum. There are no details in the story, so no one knows what happened. Go and read some other stories and you will see that most on here do have a lot of compassion. Maybe if WRAL would update the article to let us know what happened, you would start to see some compassion, but with the few details published here, there's not much to go on.

  • yanks1979 Oct 26, 2012

    I was not aware that it mattered where you were from to have compassion for human life! I guess maybe if it were your child fighting for his/her life you may feel differently about the "cute and funny" comments!! AGAIN...IF YOU KNEW THE WHOLE STORY!!! Read between the lines!!!

  • Coach K is still GREAT Oct 26, 2012

    Black bears used to live in all of the state. They were hunted down to the mountains and coast only. But thanks to Teddy Roosevelt, bears stopped being hunted. And now slowly they are re-inhabiting the entire state again. Scenes like this will become more common.

    Black bears are generally not aggressive UNLESS people feed them. Then these bears get a desire for human food. Brown bears aren't aggressive either. However, grizzly and polar bears are.

    Here is another fun fact: the fur and fat on a polar bear allow it to swim for days. In fact, polar bears are excellent swimmers.

    October 26, 2012 9:32 a.m.

    I'm pretty sure that a grizzly and a brown bear are on in the same...

  • Huey Oct 26, 2012

    Sure hope WRAL post more info on this. As it is, they are on the border of being irresponsible by posting just the barest of facts and then dropping the story.

  • AtALost Oct 26, 2012

    I hope this wasn't caused by someone slamming on brakes or swerving to avoid hitting the bear.

  • Scubagirl Oct 26, 2012

    "You people really should be ashamed of yourselves and I promise you, that if you knew the whole story that you would feel terrible for the poor taste you have displayed here!! There were victims in this terrible wreck....have a heart!!! I am disgusted by what I have read here!!

    REALLY??? You must be new in these parts and maybe you should stop reading then.