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We hear you loud and clear

Posted January 12, 2010
Updated January 13, 2010

Well, I blew it.

For the few of you who have not written or called, I’ll explain what I mean. WRAL-TV has a contractual obligation to Raycom Sports to air ACC basketball games. Some of those games air during prime time. When that happens, we have normally aired CBS prime time programs overnight. In the past we have gotten some complaints about that.

As an experiment, we decided to air those shows when the vast majority of viewers said they wanted those shows: at the time they are airing. In order to do that we put Tuesday’s NEW episodes of NCIS and NCIS:LA on WRAL.2 and Time Warner Cable channel 256.

That solved one problem and created others: 1) the shows were not in HD and 2) the larger problem – satellite viewers, basic cable viewers and non-Time Warner viewers could not see the episodes. While those episodes are available online at, that obviously is not the same viewing experience as watching it on your home TV set.

Watch CBS shows on 24 hours after they air.

Watch CBS shows any time on

I heard from a very vocal number of people. In terms of our poll, 80 percent of the 1,980 who cast their vote said they wanted us to revert to what we’ve done in the past: air the CBS shows overnight so they could view it then or record the shows for playback.

I have listened to you. Your message is loud and clear. We will revert to our previous practice and indeed have EVERYONE be able to see the shows overnight. I truly apologize for any inconvenience.

Fair warning: we have more basketball games coming up. The most recent ones during the week are Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. (Duke versus N.C. State) and Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. (UNC at N.C. State). As an aside, our Raycom contract does not allow us to choose which games we air. In order to bring you games of local interest like NCSU, Duke and UNC we must air all the Raycom games.

I reiterate: I truly appreciate your feedback and we will abide by your wishes!


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  • tflynn Jan 21, 2010

    According to the guide, the delayed broadcast of Criminal Minds was suppose to start at 2:07. Instead it started a few minutes later, so my recording was missing the ending. Ditto for CSI:NY. If WRAL is determined to show basketball games that most people don't want to see, at least start the delayed broadcasts of primetime programs ON TIME!

  • MadderMan Jan 21, 2010

    Anyone else who would like to see the 'almost' last two minutes of Criminal Minds from last night (1/20/10) go to Navigate to the Criminal Minds section, and on the left of the page are 4 video links. The last video will fill in the end of the episode for you.

    Thanks so much, WRAL, for re-airing the show, however when you run late on something before it comes on, and don't update the program guide, the DVR records the time the show was SUPPOSED to air, consequently the recording stopped 10 minutes before the end of the show.

    And you are wrong, like the last poster noted, CBS DOES NOT air full episodes, only clips from shows. Luckily, they showed a clip of the resolution of the case so we weren't left hanging (sorry) for the rerun to air to find out what happened.

  • southrnbygrace Jan 20, 2010

    Maybe the station should consider just breaking it's ties with CBS altogether. That way they can show these ridiculous sporting events without folks complaining. I would think their 'contract' with CBS could be far more important than a stupid basketball game.

    And FYI, doesn't offer full episodes of Criminal Minds at ALL. So those of us without a way to record, that have day jobs where we can't watch in the middle of the night and just screwed.

  • jerryjosephson Jan 14, 2010

    Why doesn’t WRAL just allow us satellite users to get west coast stations.

  • What and Why Jan 13, 2010

    I just go an device from Directv to intergrate Wral 5.2 (antenna signal) into the guide and Directv receiver. It allows me to record Wral 5.2 and have seamless access to Antenna and Satelite programming. Its great and we were able to view NCIS with digital clarity. Here is what its called per Directv:

    AM21 Off-Air Tuner
    Designed to work seamlessly with the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, this specialized tuner allows you to view your local off-air HD channels if you can't get them from DIRECTV. And for added convenience, it integrates them directly into the DIRECTV on-screen Advanced Program Guide®.

  • ncsu2000 Jan 13, 2010

    Another option would be to go to Best Buy and pick up an S-Video cable. Hook your computer up to your TV so you can watch shows that are online on your TV.

  • Deep Thought Jan 13, 2010

    Could Raycom sports be shown on the WRAL 2 channel and leave CBS programing on the main WRAL one.

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jan 13, 2010

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  • Deep Thought Jan 13, 2010

    For people with DirectTV in Durhamthat say they are receiving WFMY, Channel 2 from Greensboro HOW ARE YOU DOING IT????
    I'd LOVE to be able to see programming on Channel 2, please tell me how it's done.

  • SEOpro Jan 13, 2010

    I watch ABC.