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Basketball & CBS Prime Time

Posted January 11, 2010
Updated January 12, 2010

On Tuesday (Jan. 12), WRAL-TV will be airing the Maryland at Wake Forest ACC basketball game from 8 p.m. until at least 10 p.m. This is the first of many ACC games we have contractually agreed to air on WRAL-TV with our partners at Raycom Sports.

So now the question is: Where do we put the very popular shows "NCIS" and "NCIS: LA"?  For years, we have aired the pre-empted shows overnight so people with DVRs or VCRs could record them.  There have been two problems with that: some people don't have either means of recording AND many of you simply have told us you want to watch the program sooner.

As an experiment, we will air the programs in their original time periods on our digital channel, WRAL-dot-2 (over-the-air on 5.2 or Time Warner Cable 256).  This, unfortunately, means those of you with basic cable or satellite will temporarily miss the shows.  Once CBS makes the shows available online, you can watch them on

There truly is no perfect solution (and no, we can't air the CBS programs on both WRAL.2 and overnight – we can only air them once).

This is where you come into play.  I'd like to know what you prefer.  We'll be faced with this decision again throughout the basketball season and in other situations.  We'd appreciate your feedback.  Your vote will help us make future programming decisions that serve the majority of our viewers.  Please voice your preference in the poll below.

What should we do with pre-empted CBS shows?

What should WRAL do with CBS shows that are pre-empted?
I watch over the air or have digital cable and like watching the pre-empted shows run in their normal time slot on WRAL.2/Time Warner Channel 256.
I have digital cable and could watch them on the digital channel but prefer recording them overnight and watching them in HD.
I have basic cable and want the CBS shows to be aired overnight so I can record them.
I have satellite and want the CBS shows to be aired overnight so I can record them.

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We welcome your feedback on this and any other matter!

By the way, "The Good Wife" will be seen in its entirety following the conclusion of the Maryland-Wake Forest game.


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  • lbchaos75 Jan 12, 2010

    So instead of ensuring all of your viewers can see the show, you instead make sure that a huge chunk of people will not have access - except from their computers...and that's only if they have broadband access and a decent computer. Awesome job. Come on, this one falls in line with common sense. It's not as though this is a show people don't watch - people love this show and it's the 150th episode, so it's kind of a big deal. You chose wrong to "experiment" with a game locals don't care about and a show that is top in the ratings.

  • sittingbackrelaxed Jan 12, 2010

    Putting my .02 in . . . I no longer subscribe to Cable or Satellite TV as time is too short to spend it being entertained by a box. Yes, I still have a HD TV and yes, I'm an extremely avid sportsfan as well as a fan of NCIS. I find ways to still watch sports ie. live at the game, at a bar with friends or at a neighbors and occasionally I listen to games on radio like they used to when many people didn't own a tv. I do watch some tv online. I've found many other activities to replace watching TV and it sounds like many here have an extreme addiction to watching theirs. It's not the end of the world and this happens year after year and not much changes with the programming. Watching TV is a privelege and many, many people in the world survive without it. Give it a try sometime and you might just fine the time to do all those things you procrastinated about or many other things that you can do with that time. Just a thought!!!

  • gerrymercy05 Jan 12, 2010

    We have Charter Cable so Time Warner, 5.2, etc. is N/A to us. Why can't you broadcast pre-empted shows after the games in subsequent order..ex: NCIS, NCIS/LA; Good Wife, etc... That's how they do it on Sundays when Pro Football games pre-empt.

  • amymarie7415 Jan 12, 2010

    Worst "experiment" ever! If they really cared about our opinion, this poll would have been done weeks ago....before the decision was made.

  • lhm2868 Jan 12, 2010

    Regular shows should be shown as scheduled. Especially after all the advertisement.

  • pelland Jan 12, 2010

    What a useless idea...and inconsiderate of those of us who live out of the city.
    We cant even get Time warner cable and we live in Chapel Hill Twp in Orange Co.
    We also do not receive a good enough digital signal to get digital TV - and have tried a digital antenna. The HH Gregg rep said even if we try to buy a roof top antenna - we'll probably bring it back because there are a lot of people that just cant get the lovely new digital signal.

    We get satellite as our only real option.
    Great Job Federal Government ... there must be some reason digital was good for someone besides the consumer.

    Great job being an idiot, General Manager. You advertised the best show on TV for over a week and then make it unavailable to your viewers.

    Too bad you did not advertise you weren't going to show it in a trailer - then your lovely poll which is overwhelming against your decision could have been useful.

    Way to know your business General Manager - get your head out of your navel.

  • joelnew Jan 12, 2010

    What about U-verse? All we want is what we've worked so hard to receive, what WRAL is internationally known for, top quality television. Programing for everyone is difficult. WRAL does a great job. Help us keep all our options as consumers open.

  • dorisnjo Jan 12, 2010

    To the whoever that said get a vcr. If you don't have digital a vcr will not help.
    When David Crabtree came on with the schedule for tonight I just turned off the TV. Will get the news in the paper in the AM. If more people turned off their tv's maybe WRAL would get the message. There have been alot of bad moves made lately at WRAL from the sports dept. to the weather dept. There seems to be a pattern forming

  • wralcom3 Jan 12, 2010

    I posted earlier and during the evening news, WRAL is trying to say they've heard us and saying that Satellite users can watch the shows ONLINE starting tomorrow night. What they don't get is a) not all people have Broadband capable of streaming HD online content and b) some of us are a few weeks behind on our NCIS/NCIS LA episodes and in most cases, the shows are only available online for a limited time....

    This is really lame on WRAL's part. Provide the shows at an alternate time IN HD (wral 5.2 is not in HD if I recall)....

  • artgenos Jan 12, 2010

    i am curious what sort of 'incentive' time warner is giving wral to do this? there are alot of people out there that is not using time warner nor has the digital antenna that will not be able to see this. i guess wral will do anything to make a buck. guess i will have to start watching my cbs shows online now.