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'Survivor' fans need plan for Sunday prime

Posted December 16, 2011

This Sunday is one of CBS Sports’ NFL doubleheader weekends, and so the Sunday night primetime schedule will undoubted be delayed.

CBS has created a complicated set of procedures to deal with football running over and the live finale and reunion of this season's “Survivor,” but here’s all you need to know.

If you are relying on a recording device such as a DVR to capture all of “60 Minutes” or “Survivor,” you need to modify the settings prior to Sunday to ensure that you record all of your shows.

Primetime on CBS Sunday could be more than hour late! We recommend setting your device to record an hour and a half (90 minutes) longer than normal.

So if you want to be sure to see the wining moment of “Survivor” and the “Survivor Reunion Show,” set your recorder to also record “WRAL 11:00PM News,” the “NC State Coach’s Show,” and “House,” or you can tack on an extra hour and a half to your record settings for the "Survivor Reunion Show."

This may take a bit of effort ahead of time, but you should get your shows.


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  • kmcelveen Dec 18, 2011

    Running WRAL ch. 5 programming on "side channels" won't work for those of us who only have sat. reception. Ch. 5 is the ONLY WRAL channel we get. The Sun. nite programming over-runs are just something we have to put up with, I guess, but is very frustrating! I usually just watch other channels instead, however, this Sun. is the Survivor Finale!!! Boooooooooo

  • raleighpack Dec 17, 2011

    Yes, people still do watch Survivor. Its easily one of my favorite tv shows. Thanks for the heads up on the DVR protocals. Is there any chance WRAL will stop interrupting regularly scheduled broadcasts for the entire viewing area based on random isolated thunderstorms hitting rural areas? There is nothing more annoying than 15-30 minutes of a show being eaten up by these type of events.

  • snowl Dec 16, 2011

    We, Survivor fans, are well aware of the "delayed programming" for this show. It happens quite often and the same for The Amazing Race. Any show that I like to watch on a Sunday night on CBS is very often delayed because of football.....augh!

  • I know some stuff Dec 16, 2011

    Mr. WRAL manager, I don't understand why in these 'program overlapping situations', you don't put one of the programs on a 'side channel, in your case you have 2 or 3 to pick from.
    Why not?? That would keep just about everybody happy.

  • SaveEnergyMan Dec 16, 2011

    At least the NFL games finish and they go to regular programming somewhat quickly. For the SEC football games, CBS will go over 30 minutes with the game and then go to a ridiculous CBS Sports program for another 15 minutes of wrap-up coverage to talk about what we just spent 3 hours watching. Annoying. They'll even go 15 minutes into the next program (usually the news) even if the game finished early. Hey WRAL, can you do something about network coverage AFTER the game is over on Saturday? I count on "Greg" for weather and not "Chris"!

  • WolfCraig Dec 16, 2011

    Someone who doesn't watch Survivor would actually click on a story titled "'Survivor' fans need plan for Sunday prime" and take the time to comment on the story? Weird...

  • SomeRandomGuy Dec 16, 2011

    People still watch Survivor??