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Reporter releases book about Nancy Cooper murder

Posted December 2, 2011
Updated December 5, 2011

WRAL reporter Amanda Lamb’s latest book hits store shelves Dec. 6, and she'll be out promoting it this weekend. Amanda wrote "Love Lies" about the Nancy Cooper murder case, a story she covered for WRAL.

She'll be at the Cary Barnes & Noble (760 SE Maynard Road) for a reading, discussion and book signing at 4 p.m. Sunday. Advanced copies of the book will be available at the event.

Amanda says the main message of "Love Lies" is that domestic violence happens in every socioeconomic level of society and that education and money are not barriers to domestic abuse. It is not always a black eye or a broken arm. It can be much more subtle than that.

“I hope the book will create more awareness about this issue and give victims the strength and courage to reach out for help,” she said.

Amanda Lamb New book chronicles Nancy Cooper murder

Why did she choose to write about Nancy Cooper?

“For two reasons – one, I felt like I had the opportunity to highlight a very important issue and two, I had a lot in common with the victim-being a mother of two girls, a runner, a Cary resident – it just hit home for me in a way that other cases did not,” she explained. “I didn't know Nancy Cooper, but I got to know her through her family and friends and realized our paths had crossed many times.”

The case gave Amanda pause.

“It's just hard to think about someone in your own community who was struggling, in such dire circumstances and no one knew just how much she needed help," Amanda said.

"Love Lies" will be available at Barnes & Noble, Quail Ridge books and Amazon. Find out more on

Amanda has the following book signings & appearances scheduled:

Sunday, 4 p.m.
"Love Lies" reading/discussion/signing
Cary Barnes & Noble
760 SE Maynard Road, Cary

Dec. 8
Author panel
Cape Fear Community College
North Campus, 4500 Blue Clay Road, Castle Hayne

Dec. 8, 7:30 p.m.
"Love Lies" reading/discussion/signing
Quail Ridge Books
3522 Wade Avenue, Raleigh

Jan. 19,  7 p.m.
"Love Lies" reading/discussion/signing
Cary Book Club
MacGregor Downs Country Club
430 Saint Andrews Lane, Cary

Jan. 31, 7 p.m.
"Love Lies" reading/discussion/signing
Holly Springs Branch Library
300 W. Ballentine St., Holly Springs

*Thanks to Amanda Lamb and Andrea Osborne for this story.


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  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    It is a book of lies...for the most part...and I would bet that a lot of the trial was NOT Nancy's affairs...and her being given a weekly allowance of $300...and being able to go to parties....while Brad stayed home and took care of the girls....going on vacations with family and friends...just a few of the details which were probably NOT included in the book...afterall, this was about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE....and now Amanda Lamb has determined a "new and true" meaning of Domestic has to wonder IF all victims are allowed to do what Nancy Cooper just might be interesting to do a poll..

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    +++++I'm guessing she didn't write about the emotional abuse Nancy Cooper directed towards Brad Cooper.

    For a title having "lies" in it....what do you think????

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    ++++Fiction or Non-Fiction? Enquiring minds need to know!

    Book of "lies"....I would vote non think?????

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    ++++Anyone can write a book. If you don't like this one, write one of your own.

    You are CORRECT....anyone can write a BOOK OF LIES.....

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    I hope those of you who the above petition and sign it....if you agree...that everyone should get a FAIR AND JUST TRIAL.....

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    ++++(well, there were plenty of explanations for what happened, unfortunately none of them were backed by actual evidence.)

    And one has to "wonder" in the world did Brad Cooper get "indicted" to begin with...NO REAL this how our Grand Jury works......REALLY???????????????????????????

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    I hope that anyone who is thinking about READING this book....will FIRST watch the trial videos....right here on WRAL...and actually "see and hear" the murder trial and just what took place....Brad Cooper was FRAMED and RAILROADED....from the time the 911 call was made reporting Nancy Cooper is interesting to hear it....someone was making sure that the finger was POINTED to Brad Cooper from the word GO....makes one wonder WHY a friend reported Nancy missing....when she had only been gone for a short time....What this the "first sign"? Yes...could have been...and the Cary Police Department just ignored it....kinda like the "missing ducks" you see them and then you don't...and then those ducks appeared..when it was LEAST was thought that the ducks were "damaged and/or destroyed during a struggle which might have taken place when Nancy was killed..ANOTHER ILLUSION..just like the 42 second google search..which was NEVER PROVED IN COURT that Brad did it.

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    ++++Poor dollibug...she is just so sure her hero didn't get a fair trial.

    Oh well, tough. Be sure and write Brad to let him know of your affection for him. He is in JAIL.

    You does NOT take much to "view the murder trial" and KNOW...that Brad Cooper did NOT get a FAIR and JUST TRIAL...
    EVERYONE in NC ....everyone in the USA should read it...and then should be quite CONCERNED with the way this trial was CONDUCTED....and the way the Investigation was handled....

    There is CORRUPTION AND COVER UP EVERYWHERE....I guess this is one of the reasons why there are SO MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE SENT TO JAIL FOR CRIMES THAT THEY DID NOT think?

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    +++Can someone write a book about Brad Cooper in prison? Ill bet he is havinf a real good time and has made a lot of close friends. I wonder who is wife is in prison?

    Be CAREFUL of the words you speak....cause YOU never know WHICH ones you'll eat.....

  • dollibug Dec 11, 2011

    There are always a "few" in the crowd....




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