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WRAL programming note: Re-airing shows

Posted November 16, 2011

WRAL policy is to interrupt programming whenever there is a tornado warning in our viewing area. Unfortunately our efforts to ensure the safety of viewers in tornado warning areas creates an inconvenience for others.

Tonight, when the warnings occurred, we moved CBS programming to WRAL2. That enabled many viewers that were not threatened to continue watching CBS programming, but many households, especially those with satellite, could not see the conclusion of the program.

To add to the difficulty of our choices, CBS prohibits us from airing any portion of the program twice. That is why we cannot replay the missed portion of the shows. will have the complete episodes available online in the next day or two.

We understand the inconvenience for those of you that are unaffected by the storms, but we are first committed to the safety of our viewing audience. Thank you for understanding.


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  • JaredsMom Nov 23, 2011

    WRAL: THANK YOU for what you do. I completely understand and agree!

  • cherokee43v6 Nov 18, 2011

    As a broadcaster over the public airwaves, WRAL has a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to provide timely and informative warnings of threats to their viewership.

    If you are mad about being inconvenienced during a weather emergency, I have one piece of advice for you.

    GROW UP!

  • 10hummingbirds Nov 18, 2011

    I may not have liked that I missed the end of the show, but if that tornado was headed right towards me I would want them to be telling me where it was every minute so I could be prepared. So, yes it may get 'sickening' hearing it over & over, but better safe than sorry!! And if they just put it at the bottom of the screen, then you can't SEE where it's going. And it's just a TV show - watch it on a rerun...

  • shirleystrickland Nov 18, 2011

    I can understand letting people know that severe wheather is coming but you could put it at the bottom of your screen instead of taken the show off tv and it it very sicken to hear the same thing over and over and you may thank that the spokeperson sound good but to hear it over and over will make in sick with the tone they use, so again put it at the bottom of the screen instead of taken the show off the air

  • brianbaker Nov 17, 2011

    The people who complain now about missing their shows may someday be praising the station for warning them if a tornado threatens their house.

  • Made In USA Nov 17, 2011

    Right choice. No need to explain.

  • haunkathy Nov 17, 2011

    WRAL- Thank you for keeping us updated about the storms. You can interrupt programming anytime- I certainly value my family's well being over any television show!

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