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NFL game to air on WRAL2

Posted August 27, 2011

The effects of Hurricane Irene are waning in the Triangle, and it seems to many of us that the storm has passed.

But the Outer Banks are still getting buffeted by the storm.

Hundreds of thousands of households in our viewing area are without power. And as each hour passes, we learn more about the impact of the storm on the land and on the people of North Carolina.

Because of this, WRAL will continue coverage through Saturday evening. As a result the Patriots-Lions preseason game will have to be shifted to WRAL2. It will be on 5.2 over the air and on 106 on Time Warner Cable, but it will not be on satellite. We realize that many of you will not be able to receive it.

WRAL’s mission has always been to be here in times of trouble for all of our viewers, and the importance tonight of serving the families that have been affected by Irene is too important.


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  • houseinwayne Aug 29, 2011

    Raleigh has been "Heidi"-fied!!!

    Horrible football programing decision! We were in a hotel and watched as exhausted, frazzled and fed-up people with crying children came streaming in here from Ocracoke, Kill Devil Hills and Wilmington. We just got our electricity back and our limited (hotel) cable back. EVERYONE was looking forward to the game. We were promised the game as late as 4:00 on the commercials....then POOF! Decision made.

    Our HI-Def cable and flat screens were back at our HOMES where Irene was ringin' the doorbell. NOT at the hotel.

    Oh, and that stupid excuse for doing it: "people's loved ones" out there....if our loved ones were missing or unaccounted for we wouldn't be watching ANY television. How dare you.

    We counted nine channels, not including CNN and the Weather Channel broadcasting the weather. You are deluded if you think people were watching your weather people chit-chatting over CNN and Weather Channel.

    You forgot all about the LOCAL viewers.

  • iron fist Aug 28, 2011

    I know traching the storm was/is important but Continuous coverage was a little too much. No local or state news if it did not include Irene. How many times do the local stations have to show the same story over and over with their reporters standing in the rain and wind. Sometime there was little of either. Reporters driving around with little rain. Anyone who lost power did not to hear and could not hear it from the media or Bev. When mine went out I knew it without anyone telling me. At some point I would like to have seen the local news and scheduled shows.

  • abnerman80 Aug 27, 2011

    I was worried that Irene would screw up our satellite signal.. Recorded the game anyway, and was happy to see we didn't have any problems here. Then I go to watch it and see minimalist, desperate, shoddy post-Irene coverage? The storm was long gone in the coverage area.
    And THEN they say there's no way for me to watch it?
    SO disappointed..

  • misterbryonsofcary Aug 27, 2011

    All that want to complain, go to the bottom of this page and click on "contact us" then click on "general manager" and send a complaint straight to the person responsible for this sad choice.

  • misterbryonsofcary Aug 27, 2011

    You know, ALL the stations complained and covered that there may not be a football season and now that there is one they cancel coverage of it for a storm that had little impact on the triangle?? Why do all the stations insist on broadcasting doom and gloom? There are stations down east that could have covered the storm news. WRAL did NOT need to do this. I for one am done with this station. There are others out there that I can and will watch.

  • throwerdunn Aug 27, 2011

    Not a one single positive comment on here what does that you WRAL?

  • thehakeys Aug 27, 2011

    The fact that you are still talking about the storm that has already past us is so messed up. The people want a football game.PUT IT ON !!!!!! Stop already you ******. Or at least make sure that people with satellite can watch it too.

  • Dido Aug 27, 2011

    Yowza! The Lions are kicking tail! Who knew?

  • rpwilms Aug 27, 2011

    Why not put the coverage of the hurricane on WRAL2 so that we could watch the game in HD? We've had wall-to-wall coverage of this storm all week on national networks; we don't need local yocals trying to capitalize on the sensationalized coverage of the storm. Enough already.

  • roofaontop69 Aug 27, 2011

    Wow!..really?....the storm was pffffft!...oh yeah an its gone!!!!....prempt football for a nothing storm that didnt even blow over reporters standing on the beach...horrible!!...Im a big fan of WRAL an Greg Fishel....but you guys blew it big time here..Im ex military from New England an dont get much Patriots football in my home,an when I finaly get a game.preseason or not,an you have 3 hours of nothing coverage on a nothing storm, thats past us, bad choice WRAL...You could have said all thats to be said in a half hour..with updates at 11 or on the morning news Maybe you could make it up..Since Raleigh saw fit to shaft the "lowly" roofer after the tornadoes an only allow"general contractors/half from out of state" to work...maybe you could find me some work with all this "blown shingle" coverage your showing Pretty sad when a nothing storm is getting more coverage than the tornadoes that displaced hundreds,an now we cant even enjoy the fact that it WAS a NOTHING storm to watch FOOTB