People of WRAL

Anchors and Reporters

Gilbert Baez, Reporter
Mark Binker, Multimedia investigative reporter
Cullen Browder, Anchor/reporter
Kathryn Brown, Anchor/reporter
Renee Chou, Anchor/reporter
Arielle Clay, Reporter
David Crabtree, Anchor/reporter
Sloane Heffernan, Reporter
Jackie Hyland, Anchor/reporter
Monica Laliberte, Executive producer/consumer reporter
Amanda Lamb, Reporter
Bill Leslie, Anchor/reporter
Laura Leslie, Capitol bureau chief
Lynda Loveland, Anchor/reporter
Tara Lynn, Reporter
Michelle Marsh, Anchor/reporter
Allen Mask, M.D., Health Team physician
Scott Mason, Reporter
Bryan Mims, Anchor/reporter
Debra Morgan, Anchor/reporter
Adam Owens, Reporter
Gerald Owens, Anchor/reporter
Leyla Santiago, Anchor/reporter
Brian Shrader, Anchor/reporter
Julia Sims, Reporter
Ken Smith, Anchor/reporter
Candace Sweat, Reporter
Mikaya Thurmond, Reporter


Greg Fishel, Chief meteorologist
Elizabeth Gardner, Meteorologist
Nate Johnson, Meteorologist/executive producer
Mike Maze, Meteorologist
Mike Moss, Meteorologist
Aimee Wilmoth, Meteorologist


Jared Fialko, Multimedia sports journalist
Jeff Gravley, Anchor/reporter
Steve Logan, Football analyst
Ken Medlin, Reporter
Mandy Mitchell, Anchor/reporter
Brad Simmons, Producer
Tom Suiter, Anchor/reporter
Caulton Tudor, Columnist

Angie Basiouny, Assignment editor
Matthew Burns, Senior producer & Political editor
Stan Chambers Jr., Web editor
John Conway, General manager
Tyler Dukes, Public records reporter
Jodi Leese Glusco, Content director
Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, Go Ask Mom editor
Kathy Hanrahan, Out & About editor
Kelly Hinchcliffe, WRAL Investigates/special projects producer
Tara Jeffries, Web assistant
Natalie McGugan, Web editor
Derek Medlin, Web editor
Faye Prosser, WRAL Smart Shopper
Aaron Schoonmaker, Senior sports producer
Rick Smith, Business & technology manager
Nick Stevens, senior editor
Erin Summers, Multimedia sports journalist


Richard Adkins, Photographer
Diana Alston, Broadcast designer
Rick Armstrong, Health Team producer
Keith Baker, Photographer
Melanie Baker, Production assistant
Debbie Bare, Broadcast technician
Aysu Basaran, Assistant news director
Stephanie Beck, Producer,Reporter
Mary Alice Bell, Assignment editor
Greg Best, ENG editor
Thomas Bradley, Photographer
Jimmie Brown, ENG editor
Terry Cantrell, Photographer
Kelvin Carter, Production assistant
Kianey Carter, Producer
Greg Clark, Photographer
John Cox, Photographer
Andrew Cumbee, Photographer
Athena Curry, Broadcast technician
Kevin Davis, Associate director
Miranda Dotson, Producer
Jamila Elder, Assignment editor
Mick Evans, Director/producer
Eric Everington, ENG editor
Raymond Farrar, Broadcast technician
Chad Flowers, Photographer
James Ford, Production manager
Lori Foushee, Senior ENG editor
Rick Gall, News director
Brad Gibson, Broadcast technician
Tara Glandorf, Broadcast designer
Zac Gooch, Photographer
Lori Grant, Producer
Dave Henderson, Director/producer
Bill Herrero , Photographer
Daniel Hight, Broadcast technician
Tricia Howard, ENG editor
Pete James, Photographer
Aspry Jones, Broadcast technician
Brandon Joyner, Photographer
Brandon Joyner, Broadcast technician
Jennifer Joyner, Assignment editor
Michael Joyner, Photographer
Daniel Kale, Production assistant
Randall Kerr, Senior producer, WRAL Investigates
Alison King, Broadcast technician
Tim King, Crew chief
Natasha Kirtchuk, Associate producer
Jason Knight, Producer
Waliya Lari, Executive director
Laraine Lee, ENG editor
George Leggett, 5 on Your Side assistant
Kristin Leigh, Production assistant
Keyetta Mangum, Director/producer
Patrick Marrow, Broadcast technician
Grey Martinez, Production assistant
Alex McClarnon, ENG editor
David McCorkle, Photographer
Larry McGill, Associate producer
Robert Meikle, Photographer
Miriam Melvin, Producer
Bonnie Moore, Managing editor
Leesa Moore, Operations manager
Stephanie Moore, Producer
Jamie Munden, Photographer
Scott Nagel, Executive producer
Jay Nelson, Director/producer
Amanda Nembhard, Producer
Tom Normanly, Photographer
Benn Page, ENG editor
Jonathan Powell, ENG editor
Darrell Pryor, ENG editor
Melissa Raver, Broadcast technician
Diane Richardson, Administrative coordinator
Kelly Riner, Assignment editor
Al Robinson, Broadcast technician
Jarrod Shultz, ENG editor
Mark Simpson, Photographer
Amanda Smith, Broadcast technician
Jenn Sorber Smith, Consumer producer
Tim Stiles, Broadcast technician
Sydney Stone, Production assistant
Brian Thomas, Director/producer
Jamie Thomas, Producer
Lauren Thomson, Producer
Stuart Todd, Crew chief
Kimberly Ursich, Producer
Carol Watson, Producer
Nacarla Webb, Associate news producer
Steve Wiley, Sky 5 pilot
Clarence Williams, Director/producer
Edward Wilson, Chief photographer
Olivia Worsham, Production assistant


Justin Arner, Promotions writer/producer
Bill Burch, Lead designer, print/online
Steve Elizondo, Digital media administrator
Wendy Gatlin, Social media manager
Shelly Leslie, Creative director
Steve Loyd, Lead designer
John Renigar, Graphics producer/director
Debbie Tullos, Associate producer
Don Ursich, Writer/producer
Jay Yovanovich, On-air promotions manager
Shan Zhong, Lead designer, animation


Loretta Harper-Arnold, Community relations director
Jay Jennings, Documentary photographer
Clay Johnson, Documentary producer
Jim Rothschild, Station manager
Steve Tanner, Programming coordinator

Information Technology

Lee Buie, Desktop support specialist
Paul Lowell, Senior network engineer
Mike Meoli, Desktop support specialist
Lucas Waslo, Systems administrator
Aubrey Wood, IT manager


Leah Chauncey, Business affairs director
Tonya Faison, Assistant business manager
Susan Frazier, Business manager
Jodella Lifsey, Accountant
Nicole Owens, Accounting clerk
Pam White, Accountant


Melissa Baize, Sales/traffic assistant
Marian Bell, Sales marketing director
Dante Genua, Account executive
Melissa Haefele, Traffic manager
Kendra Hill, Account executive
Michelle Honeycutt, Account executive
Rebecca Journigan, Account executive
Conley Kenney, Account executive
Amy McKinney, Sales assistant
Randy Mews, Producer
Angela Morrow, Traffic coordinator
Anita Normanly, Corporate producer
Phyllis Parish Howard, Director of local production
Summer Provancha, Account executive
Andrea Schrock, Sales assistant
Kevin Shand, Producer
Laura Stillman, Local sales manager
Jeff Suss, Research director/media buyer
Robert Thompson, Account executive
Sarah Vina, Traffic coordinator
Adam Weyne, Sales director

General and Administrative

Chris Coles, Maintenance coordinator
Steve Hammel, Vice president & general manager
Patrice Jobes, Administrative assistant
Brandy Lail, Switchboard receptionist
Leonard Peebles, Assistant
Linda Taylor, Security coordinator

New Media

Valerie Aguirre, News graphic editor
Gordon Buchanan, SMB client services manager
Lisa Chappell, Inside sales representative
Jana Crye, Graphics designer
John Deans, SMB account executive
Veronica Dyer, SMB account executive
Reagan Fisher, Account executive
Melissa Geyer, Account strategist
Jimmy Goodmon, Vice president & general manager
John Hammond, Account manager
Lisa Jeffries, Marketing manager
Rusty Kroboth, Senior software developer
Justina Kruser, Online traffic coordinator
Libby Marshall, Administrative assistant
Michael McDaniel, Software developer
David O'Neal, SMB account executive
Chris Overby, SMB sales manager
Alex Phillips, Software developer
Jason Pickard, Software developer
Jason Priebe, Technology director
Dave Sweeney, Design manager
Chris Weatherly, Digital sales manager
Tara Whitfield, Marketing coordinator


Jenna Auman, Broadcast operator
Steven Bixby, TV Broadcast Operator
Tommie Bland, Broadcast operator
Matt Brandes, Transmitter supervisor
Charles Braswell, Studio broadcast engineer
Jeneen Brown, TV Broadcast Operator
Andy Christensen, Master control supervisor
Rick Congleton, Transmitter engineer
Chris Cormier, Maintenance engineer
John Gunter, Broadcast operator
Tony Gupton, Studio broadcast engineer
Lori Hoopes, Broadcast operator
Chris Johnson, Broadcast operator
Fred Kelly, Assistant chief engineer
Michelle McNeil, Broadcast operator
Michael Mory, Digital video production engineer
Tony Patterson, Senior broadcast engineer
Pete Sockett, Engineering & operations director
Gary Tann, Broadcast operator
Heather Trevaskis, Broadcast operator
Mike Upchurch, Senior broadcast engineer
Bill Weinel, Studio broadcast engineer