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WRAL now requiring Facebook login to comment

Posted February 9, 2015

Smart Shopper Facebook page


Heads up Smart Shoppers! is now requiring you to log into Facebook to post comments on any of the posts here on

From the post on about these changes (see link to the full post above):

"A growing number of news sites are eliminating comments entirely because of the resources required to monitor and remove abusive or otherwise inappropriate comments left on stories. We, however, see value in allowing readers and viewers to thoughtfully discuss the news of the day.

So that we can continue to support commenting on our sites, we are adding an additional layer of verification. will require users to log in with a valid Facebook account to comment on a or story.  Once logged in, a visitor can add comments to any story. The name and photo associated with the visitor's Facebook account will be shown with each comment. The comments you leave on and will not be posted to your Facebook page.

We realize that this requirement will reduce the number of comments on our site, as not everyone has or wants a Facebook account. We also know some people want to leave comments anonymously. That said, we would prefer to have fewer comments in exchange for dialogue that is more relevant, thoughtful and courteous. "

Although I did not have anything to do with these changes, I can understand them. Sadly, not everyone is willing to be polite and appropriate and WRAL cannot babysit all day long. Some of those folks have commented on the Smart Shopper posts from time to time and it is no fun.

How to Login to with Facebook

In order to keep posting on the Smart Shopper blog, all you need to do is go to the Comments section of any post and click on Connect. Then log into your Facebook page and agree to connect it to WRAL will not be able to post on your Facebook page. Once you connect you will need to click Continue and then you can make comments on any of the threads.

If you don't have a Facebook page, now is a great time to get one because I don't want to lose your awesome, helpful, and interesting posts!

And if you have not already done so, please Like the WRAL Facebook page and you'll get my blog posts in your feed.

Thanks for your understanding with this and for everything you do to be a part of our little Smart Shopper community! 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled deal hunting.


Please with your account to comment on this story. You also will need a Facebook account to comment.

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  • dave31 Feb 11, 2016

    If you control what people say, how is that free speech?

  • pcbdouglas Feb 10, 2015

    Namey, very well said!

    WRAL, it would really be a shame if you doesn't fix this. Faye provides real time, important info that make it possible for many of us to survive financially on a daily basis. There are better ways to manage difficult posters as Namey suggested.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Feb 10, 2015

    Thanks to all for your thoughts on this change.

    Namey, I appreciate your comments now and in the past. I hope you continue to read and post here on the blog! :-)

  • wral suks bauls Feb 10, 2015

    Sorry to blow up your page Faye, just giving my 2 cents and this is the only section I read/post in. Plus, it's the only place I see this change noted. I do love your deal section, you provide a great service to the people of the Triangle!

  • wral suks bauls Feb 10, 2015

    Now I will tell you exactly what will happen. WRAL will now lose many good posters who don't want to link to their FB page, don't have a FB page, or just don't care enough to go to all these extra steps. The "spammers/abusers/trolls" will thrive, as they will just link to a FB page and continue posting.

    I mean who is the one thinking of these bright ideas at WRAL? This isn't 2001. Sheesh. If you guys want to really make a positive change for the comment section, look at ABC11s site. They have a great commenting section. People comment, they post to the site instantly, there is a filter that catches a few select words that sends the post to the mods before it posts (but it's not overbearing, just a few curse words, not every word in the dictionary on the list), and people can report the posts if they are really bad and slipped through - and they are removed fairly quickly.

    Posting the persons real name and avatar of their FB pic is a horrible, HORRIBLE, idea.

    Response from
    We have considered and continue to consider how to provide the best, most transparent and easy-to-use experience for our millions of users. The Smart Shopperr blog is a key part, and we've listened to your request for 24/7 comments. That's one advantage of Facebook. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • wral suks bauls Feb 10, 2015

    Not bashing you or anything because I know you're not part of this change but I couldn't think of a dumber idea for WRAL. First off, not everyone wants their name/pictures blasted on the WRAL page. Second, many people may comment under a thin layer of "anonymity" that might not otherwise do so (police chiefs, sheriffs, mayors, politicians, business owners, etc). It's not that they are posting bad stuff, but they appreciate their opinion being out there without being linked to them for the sake of keeping the peace

    After 15 years of watching/reading WRAL, I switched to ABC11 this summer after frustration with the comment system here (can't comment on weekends/nights, typing a long comment that had lots of info, took time and it would just never appear for whatever reason the mods didn't approve). The only reason I still came here was this section (Smartshopper)

  • Pleasepostmycomments Feb 10, 2015

    Oh boy!

  • jgordonfan Feb 9, 2015

    Does this mean that the comments will able to be posted "after hours" now?

  • Dstned2BMe Feb 9, 2015


  • pcbdouglas Feb 9, 2015

    This is such a great community, I REALLY hope that everyone keeps posting. The FB thing is a bit cumbersome, but I think it's just because it is new. Give it a couple of days, and it will be old hat.

    Also, FWIW, The FB police don't ask for i.d. when you open your account. I have a special one that I use only for couponing and for sites that require a FB account to log in. Use a "birthday" that you can remember when you create it, the gmail address that you only use for couponing, and make sure your settings are secured so that only you can see what you post on your FB page (not that you need to post anything on it).

    And, as stated above, our comments here will NOT be posted on our FB page. So, y'all come on back out and play! :)