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Would-be deputy sought cash in mailbox

Posted April 8, 2009

— An Enfield man was arrested Wednesday and charged with impersonating a Halifax County deputy, authorities said.

MarkQ’uwale Duan Nicholson, 16, was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer and larceny.

Investigators said Nicholson stole a check out of a mailbox, called the telephone number on the check and left a voice-mail message in which he represented himself as Deputy James Matthew with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office. In the message, authorities alleged he said cash should be left in the mailbox instead of checks.


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  • imnotsayinimjustsayin Apr 8, 2009

    And just when I think I have heard it all!! Geez! There are some really intelligent people in this world, huh?

  • RPD Apr 8, 2009

    How and why do people come up with names like that? Do they just through out a bunch of letters onto the birthing table at the hospital and however they end up, that's what they name their future degenerate?

  • mrsanderton2205 Apr 8, 2009

    no wonder kids in halifax have the worst passing grade out of kindergarten they have to learn to spell there name first....just joking hahaha

  • anthony4 Apr 8, 2009

    Probably needed the extra cash to put some woofers across the back dash and 26 inch crome wheels on da hooptie.

  • cuteboyd Apr 8, 2009

    I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day again. This has to be a joke. What kind of name is that? And that picture? Who in the world is going around looking like that? That's hilarious!!!!

  • sadler19fan Apr 8, 2009


  • anthony4 Apr 8, 2009

    Yo main, i be depty Marcusmarqwain and sheyit. Gonmesayin?
    youse MF's be leaving da check in da mailbox and i be needing youse to leave cash, gnomesayin?

  • sadler19fan Apr 8, 2009

    he should get some kind of award for coming up such a ridiculous scheme...NOT!!! This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of! GEEZ!!!!! And he's only 16!!!!! He has a quite a life ahead of him if he keeps on like this...BEHIND BARS!!!!!

  • prayin4tr Apr 8, 2009

    I think its pronounced Mar Quail!! I think... lol

  • buzzcub Apr 8, 2009


    I'm just curious, what was going through the other caller's mind while listening to that BS.