Wos taking Medicaid overhaul on road to gather input

Posted April 12, 2013

— Secretary of Health and Human Services Aldona Wos and Carol Steckel, director of the state Medicaid program, plan to head across North Carolina in the coming weeks to hear people's concerns about the program and suggestions for change.

Aldona Wos and Carol Steckel Web only: DHHS officials discuss Medicaid overhaul

Wos and Gov. Pat McCrory last week unveiled plans to privatize much of the program, creating a handful of entities that would handle physical, mental and addiction help for the low-income and disabled people who use the health care system.

Officials haven't yet mapped out how they will get from the current system to the new one, so Wos and Steckel are trying to gather some ideas. They have established office hours for people to meet with them and have set up a website to answer questions about the Medicaid changes.

"We're traveling the state to meet with different stakeholders to answer all their questions and engage them, and this process is going to unfold for the next few months," Wos said.

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  • Captain_Vlad Apr 16, 2013

    Reporter mentions the word "Privatization" and both women almost rip their girdles. Hilarious!

    Two bureaucrats lying out of both sides of their mouths. Favorite buzz words... Stake Holders and Outcomes. Let me assure you people, Wos & Steckel could give a flip about an outcome unless it brings corporate business some money. It's the GOP way.

    Now let's talk about those "office hours"... If you watched all of this 38 minuet video, chances are you've spent more time with this dynamic duo than their own employees. Moral at DHHS has never seen the low that it is currently seeing. Everyone is looking jobs since it's been made clear by Fraulein Wos and her SS commanders that they are on a collision course with the government cheese line.