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Worker injured in Morrisville plant explosion

Posted August 30, 2012

— A man was injured Thursday evening in an explosion at a Morrisville building, officials said.

Shattered glass hit the unidentified man, who was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment, officials said. His condition was unknown.

Officials said the explosion at 3000 Bear Cat Way, which houses several businesses, occurred when chemicals used in food preparation were mixed improperly.


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  • NotFromHere Aug 31, 2012

    Dihydrogen monoxide and hydrogen hydroxide are just spoofy names to describe water - H20.

  • snakeman65 Aug 31, 2012

    Dihydrogen monoxide(DHMO)is dangerous stuff. It:

    is called "hydroxyl acid", the substance is the major component of acid rain.
    contributes to the "greenhouse effect".
    may cause severe burns.
    is fatal if inhaled.
    contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.
    accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.
    may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes. has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients. Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used: as an industrial solvent and coolant. in nuclear power plants. in the production of Styrofoam. as a fire retardant. in many forms of cruel animal research. in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical. as an additive in certain "junk-foods" and other food products.

  • Pseudonym Aug 31, 2012

    Quote from hckyplyr72: "Chemicals in food preparation? Uh...what exactly are we cooking up in Morrisville? Does Dr. Frankenstein work there?"

    Where I work we routinely use hydrogen hydroxide (sometimes erroneously called dihydrogen monoxide) our cooking. That's dangerous stuff!! If you inhale it in liquid form, it will kill you. If you ingest too much of it, it will kill you. It oxidizes metals and corrodes electronic equipment. That stuff should be banned!!

  • hairyknuckle Aug 31, 2012

    Don't be obtuse. There are chemicals used in food prep: baking soda, salt, nitrogen (for flushing O2 out of packaging.) Lye is used to make pretzels shiny, and sometimes to force olives to cure faster. Those a just a few examples.

  • hckyplyr72 Aug 31, 2012

    Chemicals in food preparation? Uh...what exactly are we cooking up in Morrisville? Does Dr. Frankenstein work there?