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Wonderful example of couponers helping each other

Posted April 22, 2016

Coupon bouquet

Have you ever shared coupons with another shopper?

I received an e-mail yesterday with a great example of couponers helping each other out. I think you'll enjoy it.

Please share your coupon kindness stories as well.

Tonya sent the e-mail below to me on Thursday and was nice enough to let me share it with you. I just love hearing about acts of kindness like this. And I am also impressed to see that she is helping to pay for college for her son through her coupon savings!

Dear Faye,

I wanted to share with you a very nice thing that someone did as I was shopping at Harris Teeter during double coupons. A fellow couponer came up to me and saw my coupon book while I was shopping. She had her child with her and was trying to shop. She said I would love to trade a coupon with you.  She explained how she was going out with her child this morning and left some coupons on the counter at home that she needed to get a deal she had with her evic specials. I told her yes I have the coupons and you can have them but I did not need her to trade with me I was just happy to give them to her. She insisted and asked if I like to eat at Chipotle.  I said my son loves that place.  She gave me a coupon for a free burrito at Chipotle.  I thanked her and we went on.

That evening my son who just got home from studying abroad with NCSU Design school, which by the way coupons helped pay for, went and had a wonderful time together over burritos and catching up.

I am not writing to say kuddos to me but how nice couponers can be to each other and to anyone that asks. She did a very nice thing for me and my son.

See you at the Women’s Show this weekend.

Have a blessed day!



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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 22, 2016

    GJan1 - I'd say a real Coupon Fairy appeared to grant your wish! lol

    I love your recent coupon stories, Miacarre and Earlychd99! Hopefully when we give coupons to others it starts a pay it forward train that keeps on giving and giving.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments!

  • GJan1 Apr 22, 2016

    While shopping Monday during SD a Challenge coupon for cream cheese appeared on my coupon folder. I had not picked up the bagels yet and no one else was in my aisle at the time. I know it was not one of mine because it was printed in color. I needed cream cheese and did not have a coupon for it, but suddenly I did! Eerie! I of course used the coupon. Thank-you mystery fairy!

  • earlychd99 Apr 22, 2016

    I do not have a pet , but sometimes I cut the pet coupons to put the store shelves. This past SD when I went to place dog food coupons on the shelve I saw a lady looking at dog food, so I asked if she was loyal to the kind of dog food she buys , she said no, so I gave her my stash of dog food coupons, she was very happy and thanked me, and she couldn't believe that one of the coupons was for a bogo bag of food. I put the cat food coupons on the shelves by their products. Also during this past SD I saw a man grabbing women's deodorant , i told him that I had a coupon that would make the secret deodorant free. he turned it down. I don't mind sharing my coupons with other shoppers, even if I only have two, one for me and one for them.

  • miacarre Apr 22, 2016

    Monday the 18, I was in HT store in Pinehurst and have coupon for 10.00 off if you spent 50 dollars from Lowe's Food, I saw a fellow shopper at the cash register and since I know she don't have coupons and her groceries are more than 50 dollars so I offered my coupon to her and she's very thankful. I usually like to share with my fellow shoppers if I have extra coupons

  • bparrish004 Apr 22, 2016

    I like to be the coupon fairy. Fairy dusting the store shelves with coupons that I won't use and leaving them by the products they can be used for.

  • Amomoftwo Apr 22, 2016

    Tonya~what a great story! I am so glad that you shared it and that's exactly what we should all be doing. I was happy to read about your son's study abroad experience being paid for with your couponing efforts. Both of my daughters have studied/traveled abroad while in college several times using the money we saved in following Faye's tips!

  • phattyjean Apr 22, 2016

    That's great...I try to do the same thing when I'm out and's a feel good moment :)