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Women report flasher on Durham trail

Posted December 15, 2011

— Police said Thursday that they are investigating several cases of indecent exposure that were reported Wednesday night on the Woodcroft trail near Copper Hill Court in Durham.

Several women told officers that a man exposed himself on the trail adjacent to Woodcroft Parkway shortly after 7 p.m. One woman said the man tried to grab her arm, but she screamed and ran away, police said.

The man was described as black, in his late 20s or early 30s, 6 feet tall and approximately 180 pounds. He was wearing a dark winter coat, blue jeans and a dark ball cap.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 919-560-4583, extension 29370.

Police urged people not to walk alone at night, keep to well-lit areas that aren't isolated, be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity.


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  • PanthersFan45 Dec 16, 2011

    I thought WRAL reported on a flasher a few weeks back for this same area. Maybe I'm wrong, anyway the description sounds different than the last report. Hopefully they will catch the perpetrator(s).

  • Desiderata Dec 16, 2011

    lineofdauty..It is not that the "criminals can have guns but you can't". BUT the CRIMINALS will have guns reguardless of laws ,rules or restrictions..Citizens with ethics follow the rules , in general. Criminals do not follow the rules...if they did , they would not be criminals.

  • Desiderata Dec 16, 2011

    Uhavenoclu. You are living up to your name here. People with mental problems are virtually unrecognizable in public. This story is about a sexual predator . They are unrecognizable Until they slip up and are found out, or admit they have a problem, Either way, NO ONE, man or women , should EVER have to deal with this! CATCH THIS PERP!

  • wildcat Dec 16, 2011

    and said, is that all there is?????

    probaby was and the truth. anyway no one wants to see it anyway.

  • The Deadhead Dec 16, 2011


    CC on trails and greenways are legal in state, county, and municipal parks. Where have you been? See HB 650 or Session Law 2011-268. This law became effective December 1.

  • warbirdlover Dec 15, 2011

    I could never do this, it would shoot down my ego when she laughed at me, and said, is that all there is?????

  • bombayrunner Dec 15, 2011

    "Single women on that trail should carry weapons. Even if the police catch this one there are others ready to try.

    This is one law the CCW has been trying to repeal, yea ... the criminals can have a gun but you can't. concealed firearms are illegal in parks/trails. So ... why report these crimes if you disallow proper protection.

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 15, 2011

    People with mental problems have mental problems because they don't follow suit and be like everyone else.
    They are themselves and if you look at the mentally handicapped they are always happy and smiling and don't give a care in the world.Unlike the "Normal" people who are so stuck in 1 frame of mind controlled by their ego and have to live up to others expectations of them and dwell in a lot of pain.
    People should take lessons from the mentally handicapped they may be able to teach them how to be happy.

  • Viewer Dec 15, 2011

    Single women on that trail should carry weapons. Even if the police catch this one there are others ready to try.

  • love2dostuff Dec 15, 2011

    Uncle Lester, is that you?