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Women lose discrimination suits against state purchasing agency

Posted April 2, 2012

— A jury has found that the state Department of Administration didn't discriminate when a black woman was passed over for a promotion.

Mildred Christmas sued the state three years ago after a white man was promoted to the job of state purchasing administrator, despite the fact that she was considered "highly qualified" for the job.

Christmas, the daughter of Raleigh civil rights pioneer Ralph Campbell Sr., said Monday that she was not given a fair trial and that she was shocked by the verdict.

"I have not had an opportunity to talk to my great lawyers as to where we will go from here, but I will not give up the fight," she said.

In February, a federal judge dismissed a similar discrimination claim by Yvonne Holley, the daughter of the late WRAL broadcasting icon J.D. Lewis. She also was considered "highly qualified" for the purchasing job.

A 2008 investigation by the state Office of Administrative Hearings found that black women made up about one-third of the employees in the Division of Purchase and Contract but accounted for only 5 percent of promotions in the department over a seven-year period.


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  • Pumpkin Apr 4, 2012

    I should sue too. I wish I had some friends in high power or at least know someone that knows someone. It really makes me sick that I have worked for so many years and my years of experience and service don't mean jack if someone has already been placed in a position before the position is even vacated.

  • voiceofreason32 Apr 3, 2012

    white, black, hispanic, asian, whatever...it does not matter with the state....its all about who is willing to go along to get along and who kisses up the most

  • ligonmaterial23 Apr 3, 2012

    My wife does the work of several folks since the state put a freeze and did away with some positions . She has also been passed over in favor of people who barely even show up at work and they look to her for help and advice of THEIR jobs . Oh and she is white also .

  • pbjbeach Apr 3, 2012

    all it takes in state government is to be just as big of a kiss you know what as you can possibly be with mangament an it appears to me that you are then a shoe in for anything that you apply for within the arena of state government. an to let mangament force you to close you eyes an fail to see an or not report the issues of fraud an waste an mis-mangamnet along with the abusive wasteing of the states taxpayers dollars that anyone who can see at all that are taking place within the various states agencys. all mangament wants of it's employee is to go along to get along that is the real rules within any branch of state government an anyone who breaks/voliates that rule is totaly an forever doomed for sure an likely to be terminated overr any trumped up issue that they can dream up thank you

  • PJM Apr 3, 2012

    I think its unfortunate but its called favoritism......Its become very popular in State Government Agencies. Jobs are given to those they want in a position not necessarily qualified for the job seeker.

  • pbjbeach Apr 2, 2012

    This ruling is nothing new for the department of adminstration for in most cases these position are already fi8lled way pprior to them ever actually being posting for the appliaction process to begin as it happen to me everyone within the department that i work for within the ncdot was already assuming that this one scertain indivsual was going to get/ be awarded the position of supervisor techincian -III AN IN DEED WHEN IT WAS FILLED THAT IS THE PERSON THAT WAS SO AWARDED THIS POSITION. ANIT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH QUALIFICATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE

  • Rebelyell55 Apr 2, 2012

    Don't know about this case, but having worked for city, county, state and federal government, I'd say that most of the jobs should be put up for periodic competitive bid to save the taxpayers money. For the most part, they are overpaid, over compensated in benefits and job security, and under worked compared to those of us in the private sector.

    .......You sure said a mouth full. Over qualified mean she should got to work somewhere else.

  • ims1924 Apr 2, 2012

    Nothing beats the things that happened at the Wake County Sheriff's Department during the 80s and 90s. I won't even try and tell the story because most people won't believe it.

  • true american Apr 2, 2012

    When will we start looking at it without knowing color race creed or gender but soley what yhe app's qualafications are if all promotions are male female white black or jews or whatever just be qualified.

  • rlee1117 Apr 2, 2012

    Its all about connections joeinnc1 been that way for years!