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Woman struck by car on I-95 median in Halifax County

Posted July 24, 2011
Updated July 25, 2011

— A woman was killed Sunday afternoon while walking on the median of Interstate 95 in Halifax County after a tractor-trailer lost a drive shaft, causing three cars to wreck, authorities said.

Shortly before 4 p.m., Barbara Coppley, 43, of Havelock, was driving a Dodge Caravan north on I-95 near Roanoke Rapids when she hit the drive shaft, causing both of her passenger-side tires to go flat. She pulled onto the median.

A second driver then hit the drive shaft in a Ford Fusion and pulled onto the median.

Coppley began walking toward the tractor-trailer when a third car, a Lincoln Town Car driven by George Cayia, 72, of Ocala, Fla., struck the drive shaft, lost control and struck Coppley.

She died at the scene, authorities said.


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  • Mazdaspeed Jul 29, 2011

    RebelYell55, You're quite welcome. I must say it's often sad when the companies don't care about drivers. Guess that's why I don't work there anymore. But as far as retreads go, I think folks just need to keep their distance with trucks. If there was at least quality control like you said it wouldn't be a problem....but alas it doesn't seem to be happening. I actually talked to my uncle last night (who's been a driver all his life) and he confirmed my story when he told me of quite a few times he tried to refuse a trailer and was threatened with his job if wouldn't comply with just taking it. Retreads may be the danger, but the real danger is the person sitting in the office writing the transit documents and giving the green light if you catch my drift.

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 26, 2011

    Thanks for your posting that shows the danger of retreads and the concerns that other has raised about the use of retreads as being a real concern and danger to the driving public. It clearly shows that retreads should be outlawed. Many truckers I know don't and won't drive a trailer with retreads. It's just too dangerous. When a truck is going 15 miles over the speed limit or more these retreads won't hold up. Having helped out in a tire shop and having drove a dump truck off and on, I can testify to the danger of retreads and the need to remove them from being used. Companies who make tires have a quality control department to make sure tire are made safe and by spec. Retreads tire have no quality control, or testing to make sure the retread is applied properly and will hold up for intended use.

  • Mazdaspeed Jul 25, 2011

    "What I do not understand is why these truckers are never held criminally or civilly liable for debris they leave all over our freeways.

    Drive down any major interstate and you will see retreads, truck parts, rocks and other goods from these trucks all over the roads just asking for someone to have an accident.
    Too many accidents are caused by truckers who care nothing about their fellow motorists."

    You're kidding right? These trucks keep our country ALIVE. Half the time the recaps that blow are on the trailer, owned by the trucking company and not the driver. Do you really think they have time to pull over and walk a half a mile down the road and pick up a retread from a trailer tire that was obviously going to blow out and the dispatcher made him leave with it anyway? Give me a break. I had a truck deliver to my job on multiple occasions with retreads that were CLEARLY worn and out of there service life. Driver told me the dispatcher told him to take it or be fired.

  • Mazdaspeed Jul 25, 2011

    Wow alot of uneducated statements on retreads here. First of all they are not as dangerous as everyone is making them out to be. Second of all stop driving so close to tractor trailers if you think they're so dangerous. You probably wouldn't have any cases of retreads if people used their brains and actually stayed out of the drivers blind spots; that was on your drivers ed test right? Third if a truck blows a retread and you're in any way, shape, or form of being in danger from it, you're already speeding so slow the heck down and give him some room and stop going 15 over the speed limit.... Fourth how do three people not see a 10 foot drive shaft in the middle of the road and actually manage to hit it? Cell phones, eating, make up, etc....give me a break. Everyone seems to have that attitude where they think they're entitled to ownership of the road. The road owns you, remember that.

  • Jenny8 Jul 25, 2011

    NEVER pull into the median and stop, always pull to the right.

  • westpalm233 Jul 25, 2011

    Holy Lord, talk about a clip from final destination! That sucks... Good luck to the family of all involved

  • Shine -On Jul 25, 2011

    I don't think they would have a problem because a truck w/o a drive shaft can't go very far at all. On the other hand how about criminal prosecution for all the four wheelers that run up and down the road and endanger everyone else??? HUH? Reading magazines and books and texting while driving... I have been around you folks on the hwy forever and believe me I have seen some strange things for instance passing on the right or in the safety lane in weather conditions not favorable to drive along with others.

    So whereisthedonkeyshow.... next time you are on the road think about those things that YOU do.

  • whereisthedonkeyshow Jul 25, 2011

    Retreads and other stuff that comes off trucks should be traced to the owner for criminal prosecution.

  • merkandharley Jul 25, 2011

    on the issue of retreads: new tires cost in excess of $400, retreads are one-half that.... Guess who pays for the loss-of-profit for the truck-operating entity - the consumer. Aren't we burdened enough by legislation?

    Sorry about the woman who lost her life - tragic set of coincidences. Stay inside the vehicle in such cases....

  • mchljam2 Jul 25, 2011

    proudblacksinglemother LOL I guess my presumtion of uneducated was correct!!! And as for re treads my husbands company doesn't run them. But as betsymillsaps put it there are trucks that do since all the LARGE fees and taxes accessed to these large vehicles. proudwhitemarriedmother!!