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Woman stabbed in Raleigh home break-in

Posted September 19, 2011

— A woman was stabbed during a break-in at a Raleigh home early Sunday, police said.

Someone broke into the home at 429 Montague Lane around 3:45 a.m. and stabbed the woman multiple times, police said. The victim's name and her condition have not been released.

She has children, but they weren't home during the break-in, police said.

Police have not made any arrests in the case.


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  • Rebelyell55 Sep 19, 2011

    Hope she pulls through to help catch this pert...

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Sep 19, 2011

    milmae, seems to me that it is fortunate for her children that they were not at home when this incident occurred. They could have been at a friend's house, or with their grandparents, or any number of places where children can be safe when they are not at home.

  • abmiller Sep 19, 2011

    Milmae - Maybe the kids' father isn't in the same house and they were with him, or maybe they were staying with friends...or maybe that's just none of our business. I don't think that was the point of the article. Seriously.

  • Ambygirl Sep 19, 2011

    scotlandlover- And it's not just education from books they are learning while they are in there. THey are learning better ways to commit more crimes when they get out because they know they won't be in there long! It's a shame what our society has come to today......

  • scotlandlover Sep 19, 2011

    Hey Jason Conaway,
    Don't forget we also pay for these criminals education while in prison.Right on the money with everything you said!

  • scotlandlover Sep 19, 2011

    I live in oakwood and I've been almost robbed twice.The first time the robber was startled as he was about to break thru the glass in my french door.Lucky for him he stopped when he saw me for I had my eyes on my 357 magnum and was prepared to use it.
    After my kids were born,I got rid of it,but will get one again when they are older.Somehow a baseball bat doesn't make me feel safe anymore!

  • jasonconaway6969 Sep 19, 2011

    lets do like the liberals say. No guns..That way the only one who has guns is the person trying to rob or kill you. This person should be put to death. Im tired of my tax $ paying to keep these people in prison for life! Break into my house and pick your flavor...40, 45, 30-06, and more new flovors soon to come! Just got to hurry before the liberals take over and destroy our country!

  • getuone Sep 19, 2011

    It's 3:45 AM -- Where are your children?

  • Ambygirl Sep 19, 2011

    wildcat-- I agree. Our court system is much too lax and the criminals have more rights than the victim. Now days it's just a slap on the wrist and they are back out on the streets before you know it. I hope they catch this person and true justice is served but it is highly unlikely.....

  • wildcat Sep 19, 2011

    They need to absolutely find this person and throw him in prison. A person's home is "supposed" to be safe. But in today's time, you really are not safe at home are any where. Why, because the courts continue to allow criminals to freely walk the streets instead of locking them up for a very long time. These criminals are repeaters and will continue to commit crime. So they need to be locked up.