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Woman shot in Durham, police call it 'suspicious'

Posted October 30, 2011
Updated October 31, 2011

— Police officers said they found a 29-year-old woman with a gunshot wound at 1100 Spruce St. Sunday afternoon, but they stopped short of calling the shooting a homicide.

Simeka Daughtridge was taken to Duke University Hospital, where she later died, police said.

They are treating the case as a suspicious death. Officers were called to the scene shortly after 2 p.m.

Investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting and are awaiting the results of forensic tests. Police said the shooting doesn't appear to be a random incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 919-560-4440, extension 29350, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • ncmickey Oct 31, 2011

    You ever notice the Durham Bashers NEVER say what lovely crime free community they reside in....ever....

  • Vietnam Vet Oct 31, 2011

    Unless this turns out to be a suicide...woman is shot, she is dead...how is this NOT a homicide??? Why only "suspicious death"???

  • sabby06 Oct 31, 2011

    It absolutely amazes me how somebody dies and all people want to do up here is argue about how safe or unsafe a place is. A woman lost her life. Or does that not matter to y'all?

  • UNC PH.d Oct 31, 2011


    Not to start a big argument here, but those "assumptions" you made about local cities do have some truth to them. How do you think stereotypes get started in the first place? Funny though you called Chapel Hill flighty and self-centered....I do believe Chapel Hill is a Liberal town....oops did I say that? LOL

  • hunter38 Oct 31, 2011

    Durham is much better than that generic place Cary. they should just call Cary "Town

    Hmmmmmm generic...get shot...generic...get robbed....generic...get killed....Hey whess, I think I'll take generic.

  • BullsEye Oct 31, 2011

    Durham is cool. It's the most progressive, cultured and diverse city in the state. We have art festivals, food truck rodeos, great places to eat and awesome music.

    If you have lived in Durham for any amount of time, you know where the bad areas are and you generally stay out.

    Durham is much better than that generic place Cary. they should just call Cary "Town".

  • RAA0013 Oct 31, 2011

    What is the deal with the haters? They think all that happens in Durham are shootings and crime, that everyone in Cary is rich and selfish, that Chapel Hill is flighty and self-centered and that everyone in rural areas are poor and lazy. Why all the hate and assumptions?

    A death of anyone should never be written off because of where the crime happened but instead be a wake-up call to everyone that we are in this together to stop it from happening again. Once a life is taken it is gone forever and that makes me sad. My condolences to the family on their loss.

  • rlg113 Oct 31, 2011

    So, help me understand... There are shooting deaths that aren't "suspicious"??

  • sunshine1040 Oct 31, 2011

    Gee maybe somebody has been watching to much TV all the crime show and the police are calling it suspicious. If it was was done on purpose then you have too choices one of them being murder but hen it may have been accidental. either way a family is grieving

  • love2dostuff Oct 31, 2011

    Durham's finest on the job. Woman shot, killed, dismembered, house burned to remove evidence....."this looks suspicious to me, how bout you Andy?"