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Woman saves puppies thrown into Halifax County creek

Posted September 14, 2010

— A nurse who lives on Lake Gaston on Monday saved six puppies that someone had thrown into a nearby creek, according to Halifax County Animal Control.

Cynthia Hux was walking on Weaver's Chapel Road when she heard strange noises coming from a nearby creek, animal control officer Robert Richardson said. She spotted a large plastic bag in the creek and found nine pit bull puppies inside, three of which were dead, Richardson said.

Hux pulled the puppies from the water and out of the bag and cared for them until animal control officers arrived. The puppies were then turned over to Hope Animal Rescue, Richardson said.

The puppies won't be available for adoption for several weeks because of their age, he said.

Local authorities are investigating the case.


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  • oleguy Sep 15, 2010

    two stories , Puppies found 82 comments,,, Infant found left dead 42 comments,
    The vote is in, As I stated earlier, puppies????

  • HereswhatIthink Sep 15, 2010

    If they did not want puppies they should have had the mother dog spayed!!!!! I agree - there is a warm place waiting for people that do this to the innocent. These puppies did not ask to be born. Thank goodness this lady was in the right place at the right time. I hope they find who did this and charge them to the max. What kind of cruel, heartless person does this kind of thing.

  • DbzHugz Sep 15, 2010

    ~~~QUOTE: "Nothing fires the hayseeds up like one of these stories"~~~~
    Interesting catagory "Hayseed". I never thought of myself in that way just because I love and care for animals. As custodians of the planet, it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love, and compassion.If that means I am a "Hayseed", then give me a that hat and I will wear it proudly. I have no tolerance or patience for ppl who are cruel to the small creatures. Good Karma to the lady that saved them. Bad Karma to the culprit. Whatever Karma you put out will come back to you x 3...something to remember.

  • fishon Sep 15, 2010

    so you see no difference between sentient beings that can feel pain and fear, and an old couch?

    Of course I do. That being said if the owner did not want them who are we to say he/she can't dispose of them. After all, people get rid of unwanted babies all the time by abortion or adoption. In this case the method is the problem more than anything else.

    studies show that many people who abuse and kill animals are also abusive and sometimes move on to kill humans.

    There is no evidence this person made a decision to abuse the animals. Again, trying to get rid of unwanted puppies is the owner's choice. In this case a bad choice.

  • valeria30 Sep 15, 2010

    This may be a shock to some, but it is possible that people can be compassionate towards both animals and humans. Please notice that the woman who saved the puppies is a nurse. She's dedicated her life to helping the sick, and yet she was still able to care about the puppies too. Also, studies show that many people who abuse and kill animals are also abusive and sometimes move on to kill humans.

    I'm really wondering what is wrong with people... throwing puppies into a creek, plus all the cases of dumpster babies. Is life so expendable and disposable nowadays, that we just throw innocent lives away??? Thank goodness for the people who see that this is wrong and step up to try to make a difference.

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Sep 14, 2010

    "We cant , or dont take care of all the kids and older adults, and you all are up in arms about some puppies,,,,"

    somebody's got to stick up for the animals!

    p.s. how many homeless kids and older adults have you adopted into your home? just ask'n

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Sep 14, 2010

    "and yes,,i value animals more than most people.....they are innocent live by instinct and how they are treated....people are mean , cruel and vindictive, selfish,liars and cheaters..."

    will you marry me? (we can love each other through our animals :-))

    If you won't, maybe Trixie?

    I like your attitude.

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Sep 14, 2010

    "So the owner decided to get rid of unwanted property. Nothing more or less."

    so you see no difference between sentient beings that can feel pain and fear, and an old couch?

  • peppercorns Sep 14, 2010

    So now we are comparing puppies tossed away to the sick and elderly..?? Wow.. I personally have not and do not plan to toss away any people!! Yes I love animals very much, but I also love my older relatives. Why do you make them the same? Guilt?
    I have never met this Ms. Hux but I will bet you twenty bucks she would have rescued an old person in the lake or a kid with a bad cold, too.

  • EricaSliver Sep 14, 2010

    Very thankful she rescued the pups...remember, the owner of an animal has a major impact on the behavior of the animal. Pits may have a bad reputation, but that's because a lot of them are raised by very irresponsible and cruel people. There are plenty of loving, well-behaved pits out there...you just don't hear about them as often...